[Sci-Fi & Romance Winter 2018] Like Clockwork Planet? Watch This!

The beauty of anime genres fusing together is that for us the viewers these types of shows can do so much more than a series with only one genre focus. Clockwork Planet, for example, wasn’t considered one of the best examples of a sci-fi and romance story but it was still very intriguing with a slew of unique characters in an even more unique world setting. That’s why regardless of the reviews and what others said there are still quite a few people who liked Clockwork Planet. That’s why here at Honey’s Anime we decided to help out those who truly enjoyed Clockwork Planet by creating an article that will give you readers two similar shows to Clockwork Planet. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our Like Clockwork Planet? Watch This! article.

About Clockwork Planet

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr, 2017-Jun, 2017

Naoto Miura gained a very strange gift in the form of a coffin-like vessel slamming into his apartment with very little warning. Within the craft laid a robotic female known as RyuZU who would end up being saved by Naoto and his skills with all things gear-like. Upon saving RyuZU, Naoto ends up becoming her master and is thrust into a dark plot that has been going on behind the scenes on his gear-filled planet. Naoto and RyuZU will need to team up with several others in order to save their world. With time ticking, the race for the salvation of the gear world begins…

Liked Clockwork Planet? Watch Beatless!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan, 2018- Present

Humanity’s strength with AI—artificial intelligence—has led to numerous breakthroughs in robotic beings and android units. The hIEs are a prime example of this as they not only look like humans but even can react and learn similar to their human creators. However, with hIEs becoming popular and nearly everywhere in the world—even within the government—some humans have begun to hate these creations. Arato Endo isn’t like this though as he sees hIEs to be amazing and far from just mere tools/robots others see them as. Unfortunately, Arato is caught in placed square into this hidden war when he ends up becoming the owner of Lacia, a powerful hIE. Together the two will have to face off against others like Lacia to prevent a war from possibly breaking out.

Three Major Similarities Between Clockwork Planet and Beatless

1. Cute Androids

Lacia and RyuZU aren’t exactly the same type of android but you can’t deny the fact that both are extremely pleasing to the eyes. Lacia is quick to do whatever she can to make her master—in this case Arato Endo—happy and this is sentiment shared with RyuZU who will go to grave lengths to please Naoto. Isn’t that one of the best thoughts about the possible technological future we might face? That maybe AI can be created to allow scientists and robot creators to make the ultimate cute girl android creations? We know we here at Honey’s Anime aren’t alone in thinking this way and if you love cute android girls who can kick tons of behind, then you’ll like Beatless and Clockwork Planet in equal measures.

2. Advanced Technology

When you think of the future, you think of technology in the future. As we mentioned above a moment ago, the idea of cute android girls is quite amazing and one we hope comes to fruition. Aside from that though there are tons of other pieces of technology in both Clockwork Planet and Beatless that have our minds going into full on nerd mode. Arato uses these really cool visuals glasses in several episodes of Beatless that allow him to freely see maps, make phone calls with video and other bits of info. Meanwhile in Clockwork Planet, we have robots and a planet made upon gears! That might be kind of impractical in some regards but imagine a whole planet that functions upon gear like technology. Honestly, we want the tech of Beatless a bit more than what’s seen in Clockwork Planet but in general robots and advanced AI make both shows quite appealing and definitely worth watching or trying out.

3. Android Action

Now our first similar statement for both Beatless and Clockwork Planet was that the android girls were very cute. However, both Lacia and RyuZU kick butt and they aren’t the only ones to do so in their respected shows. While Beatless has only released 8 episodes—as of writing this article—we have seen other hIEs fight in marvelous battles. Episode 5 had Lacia’s “sisters” fight against each other and various guard robots. Then you have Clockwork Planet which has RyuZU fighting tons of battles with her anti-gravity abilities as well as time altering abilities. Needless to say if you need your action fix both Clockwork Planet and Beatless offer up tons of action at the expense of their android characters.

Like Clockwork Planet? Watch Darling in the FRANXX!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan, 2018- Present

The world has collapsed thanks to gigantic creatures known as Klaxosaurs. Humanity has thus sought safety in moving cities called Plantations. In order to fight back though, the human race has created mechanized machines called FRANXX which are piloted by both a male and female. Hiro—a failing pilot—seeks to join the battle with his fellow childhood friends but due to his incompatibility he has yet to find a suitable partner. Then one afternoon, Hiro ends up meeting a young woman named Zero-Two and despite her track record of killing her partners, ends up teaming up with her. Can Hiro prove his worth as a pilot or will he suffer the same fate as Zero-Two’s other partners?

Three Major Similarities Between Clockwork Planet and Darling in the FRANXX

1. Strong Female Leads

RyuZU from Clockwork Planet and Zero-Two from Darling in the FRANXX might not know each other but that doesn’t mean they aren’t like each other. Both girls are actually quite amazing in their respected shows. RyuZU is a tough android girl who is both sexy and quite cruel with her means of talking. Then you have Zero-Two who is also pretty darn hot all while throwing out verbal comments that would you leave a bit surprised. Darling in the FRANXX and Clockwork Planet have other strong female characters—Marie from Clockwork Planet and Miku or Ichigo from Darling in the FRANXX—but the main females are definitely leaps and bounds more interesting. Comment down below who is your favorite girl of either show or just say all of them which we could agree with to be honest.

2. Mechs

If you know us here at Honey’s Anime, then you know we love our mechs. That’s why we also love Clockwork Planet and Darling in the FRANXX. While the latter show—meaning Darling in the FRANXX—has a considerable amount of mecha action, neither show skimps out on showing a future filled with giant robotic beings that can be used to fight. That why if you mecha fans out there need some mech combat you’ll like both Clockwork Planet and Darling in the FRANXX. Though we do recommend Darling in the FRANXX as its main premise is more mech related.

3. Comedy despite dire situations

Despite both Clockwork Planet and Darling in the FRANXX having very dark possible futures, there is still a generous amount of comedy going on between both shows. Often comedy ensues thanks to the various antics of both series cast of characters. For example, in Darling in the FRANXX episode 8, we see the men and women of the show at ends with each other because of some incidents during a fight with a Klaxosaur. The whole episode leads to a slew of silly moments where the girls ban the guys from using half of their home. Episode 9 does end on a darker note for a brief moment but about 95% of the episode is comedy and that is surprising given the situation these characters face on a constant basis. However, they are young teens so this is to be expected ultimately.

Equally, Clockwork Planet has its fair share of humor spread across its 12 episode run. Often because of the theme found in Clockwork Planet, the cast of characters here too are pretty quick to say some rather funny lines. RyuZU is queen of this as her character often makes remarks that are either extremely pervy or very vulgar/aggressive. Episode 5 though was one of our personal favorites with Naoto almost drowning but is saved by RyuZU who then proceeds to slap him awake. Have to give credit to people who can laugh and have fun times despite the world being in endless peril.

Final Thoughts

Clockwork Planet’s story shows us a very strange but intriguing possible future we could face. While we highly doubt the world would become filled with gears and cogs, the idea still is rather interesting at the end of the day. The same can be said of the two shows above. Both Darling in the FRANXX and Beatless are future worlds that might be outlandish but nonetheless give us anime viewers excitement to witness worlds we could only see in our dreams being even semi-possible. That’s why we know if you enjoyed Clockwork Planet, you’ll equally like both Beatless and Darling in the FRANXX. Have you seen either show or are planning on watching them? Comment down below and for all your anime recommendation articles and news from the anime world be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

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