Do Anime Need Video Game Adaptations?

Anime and video games seem to be all the rage in the entertainment world, both here in the West and of course in the East. That’s why we aren’t too flabbergasted to see anime and video games colliding with one another by having numerous anime series get adaptations. Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Gungrave and even Sword Art Online have gotten some video game based on them and that’s just the most recent ones as there are numerous anime games that released on the older consoles and systems from yesteryear. Unfortunately, though by releasing so many adaptations, we tend to see some great anime series get some ho-hum video game version and that makes us wonder something here at Honey’s Anime. Do All Anime Need a Video Game Adaptation?

Allows you to live the anime

Often, we’ll see an action scene in an anime or see some cool moment and wish we could live that moment out in some way or form. Video Game adaptations allow us to see our wishes come to fruition by giving us those feelings in the form of gameplay. As we mentioned above, Attack on Titan, for example, allows us to swing around like we have ODM gear and slash at the napes of the Titans as our favorite heroes and heroines from the series. Sword Art Online games do the same by allowing us to control Kirito or his friends and feel the rush of taking down foes from the series as well as some originals made for the game specifically. Video game adaptations are awesome in these regards and it’s why we are always willing to play a new adaptation when it comes out.

Tend to be rushed out and unpolished

With any form of media, when something comes out and is loved by fans or consumers, companies quickly go and look for ways to make money while the new media is hot. This tends to be a double-edged sword though. When anything created is rushed, it tends to come out unpolished or poor, and consumers pay the price with rushed products that don’t feel complete or aren’t enjoyable. We won’t point out any games like this, but trust us, if you’re a gamer who loves anime you’re probably aware of some adaptations that are pretty poor.

Can be good for non-anime viewers

Getting into anime can be quite easy for those who are watching series with friends or are told to check out a particular series by word of mouth. Here at Honey’s Anime though, we have met many gamers turned into anime fans because they played a Sword Art Online game—like Hollow Fragment or Lost Song—and then decided to check out the original source material. Anime fans are born occasionally from playing an adaptation and we can’t complain about having the anime community growing.

Can annoy anime viewers

Now if we played devil’s advocate for a second, we can say that there’s also a problem with our previous comment above. While newcomers will go and check out an anime because of a game adaptation, fans of a series might notice some issues with the story of an anime adaption. A lot of games based off anime tend to use recaps as a primary means of delivering a story to the gamer. The problem here though is that recaps tend to skip over big elements from a series and, while someone not savvy with a series won’t notice these skips, a die-hard will most certainly see some storytelling issues. Even original stories might be a bit of annoyance with anime fans if their favorite series isn’t given a good original story to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we’re split 50/50 with this question if we’re being honest. We love anime and video games here at the hive, but we do dislike when our favorite anime series aren’t properly handled when made by a developer we know could do better. That’s why while we always love the idea of more anime-based video games, we also are quite scared of it as well. What about you readers out there? Do you want more anime to be adapted into video games or not? Comment your opinion down below so we can hear your thoughts! Remember to keep coming back to Honey’s Anime for even more question-based articles and anime related ones curtsey of us busy bees.

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Author: Aaron

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