DIY Anime "Do It Yourself!!" Releases New Visual!

Do It Yourself!!

Slice of Life, Comedy

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Pine Jam

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This is a story not only about furniture and friendship, but also life. DIY projects involve planning, improvising, struggling and sometimes failing. But even then, you never give up until you finally create something with your own two hands. Follow along, as these girls take the first step towards carving out their own future.

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Characters & Voice Actors

Do-It-Yourself-KV1 DIY Anime "Do It Yourself!!" Releases New Visual!
Self Yua:

Yua is a first-year high school student who grew up with a carefree family. She’s a day-dreamer who always has her head in the clouds, never paying attention to her surroundings. She constantly has new scrapes and cuts from walking into walls or falling over on the street. If her shirt comes untucked or her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed, she’ll just say “Oh well!” not caring in the slightest. Her happy-go-lucky attitude often causes others to worry about her. Doodling is her hobby.
Do-It-Yourself-KV1 DIY Anime "Do It Yourself!!" Releases New Visual!
Purin (Miku Suride):

Purin is Self Yua’s neighbor and childhood friend. She’s a hardworking freshman at an elite high school who gets stellar grades. She’s brimming with ambition and gives everything her all. When she was little, she was close with Self Yua, but things have gotten a bit awkward between them recently. Her real name is Miku, but everyone calls her “Purin” because she has a habit of puffing out her cheeks when she gets angry.
Do-It-Yourself-KV1 DIY Anime "Do It Yourself!!" Releases New Visual!

Takumi is a timid introvert. Even though she may have something to say, she tends to hesitate for too long and misses out on her chance to speak. She is reluctant to join the DIY club, but ends up joining after her classmate, Self Yua, talks to her about it. She works well in silence and is good at doing detailed repetitive work such as carefully affixing small titles to things and sanding for hours on end.
Do-It-Yourself-KV1 DIY Anime "Do It Yourself!!" Releases New Visual!

Clay is a senior and the president of the DIY club. She doesn’t talk much, is unsociable, and looks a little scary, but there are a lot of underclassmen girls who are secretly her fans. Due to the fact that her parents run a home center store, she is knowledgeable about DIY and the techniques she uses are equivalent to a pro’s. Clay happens to meet Self Yua, and with the DIY club on the verge of being disbanded, she solicits her to join so they can somehow keep the club going.

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: IMAGO/Avex Pictures
  • Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
  • Script: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
  • Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
  • Character Design: Yusuke Matsuo

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