Do It Yourself!! Review - A Comfy, Colourful, Club Anime

Sometimes we all just need an anime to watch when we want to unwind, with as little stress or drama as possible, and Do It Yourself!! ticks all of those boxes. Our story follows Yua Serufu as she begins high school at the Gatagata Girls’ High School after being rejected from the prestigious Yuyu High, where her friend and neighbour Miku “Purin” Suride enters.

The two have a knack for building things, making a bench together when they were younger but being in different schools puts a bit of a wedge between their friendship. Yua takes her bike to and from school but one day she gets into an accident due to her clumsy nature and is helped by the handy Rei Yasaku who fixes it before they head off to class. Rei is the head of the school’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) club, and due to its lack of members invites Serufu to join after she calls by to thank Rei for helping her that morning, thus beginning their journey to grow a club dedicated to making all things weird and wonderful.

A Colourful Cast and a Colourful Palette

The key to a nice Slice of Life anime is having an interesting cast, and Do It Yourself!! does just that with our handful of colourful club members. Yua Serufu fills the role of our main character, a loveable clutz that struggles to get anything done without injuring herself, she is a dreamer beyond her means and loves putting things together even if her skills have not reached their potential. The club president, Rei Yasaku is a calm, level-headed guide for the other members with her skills in crafts being head and shoulders above the rest, and is perfectly complemented by the American transfer student Jobko who has the money and technical skills expected of a huge corporation’s heiress.

Serufu manages to bring along her classmate Takumi Hikage, an excellent student who is rather reserved and timid, but happy to cheer everyone along as they start their building journey. Eventually, Purin joins the club despite being in the adjacent school, along with her classmate Kokoro Kouki, an expert climber and lively addition.

All of the character designs fit each club member’s personality, with Serufu having messy hair and bandages to illustrate her disjointed mindset whilst Purin in comparison has a neat haircut and tidy uniform to present as more together. The background art does well to give the anime a calm feeling, perfect for the Slice of Life nature to Do It Yourself!! showing how important cast and colour are to set an atmosphere.

Pacing, Pacing, Pacing

Slice of Life anime are known for not progressing quickly in their plot points and too many fans of the genre that is one of their greatest strengths. However, this is not to say that nothing happens, quite the opposite in fact, it just means that the pacing matches the calm nature of the anime. Do It Yourself!! manages this pacing aspect perfectly, keeping all major plot points around the DIY club, and giving them enough time to resolve within the twelve-episode run.

The best example of this is the friendship rift between Serufu and Purin alluded to in the very first episode as the two go to school on their own and do not hang out afterward like before. Throughout the series neither forces their way back into the other's life, taking a rather slow burn approach that culminates in a penultimate episode wherein Purin assists the DIY club and joins their big project of building a treehouse, naturally incorporating Purin into the story of all the other characters whilst simultaneously mending the rift in her relationship with Serufu. All with as little drama as possible, the way a Slice of Life anime should.

Final Thoughts

Do It Yourself!! has dropped in an anime season packed full of show stoppers like Chainsaw Man and the return of Bleach, giving it a lot of competition, but we feel it is the perfect calm Slice of Life anime fans need in between each devil hunt or sword fight. All the characters are unique and interesting, with such a warming colour palette to ease the eyes, the perfect way to relax as some cute girls do cute things. What did you think of Do It Yourself!!? Did it scratch that Slice of Life itch? Let us know in the comments!

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Author: Lewis Williamson

A researcher from Ireland, I watch and write about anime in my spare time, and I also play a lot of video games.

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