Dark Action/Historical Anime Dororo Drops Three Episode Impression!

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Dororo-300x437 Dark Action/Historical Anime Dororo Drops Three Episode Impression!

Dororo-300x437 Dark Action/Historical Anime Dororo Drops Three Episode Impression!


Historical, Drama, Supernatural, Action

Airing Date:
January 7 2019


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The time is the Warring States Era.
Kagemitsu is the head of a country experiencing nirvana and at a hall within a certain temple, he prays to twelve fierce god statues for territorial prosperity. In exchange for his wish to be granted, Kagemitsu’s heir was born with a disabled body. An unwanted child, he was set adrift on a river to be thrown away.

Time has marched on and Kagemitsu’s agreement with the fierce gods has been realized: peace has arrived for the country. Then one day, a child bandit named Dororo meets a certain man… but is he human or devil...?

‘Hyakkimaru’ has a sword embedded in both of his arms and his entire body has been altered. With his unseeing eyes, he focuses on the monsters coming to attack.

Three Episode Impression

Lord Daigo Kagemitsu, one evening during the birth of his new heir, makes a pact with several demons. In exchange for absolute rule and power, Daigo’s new son is cursed to be a husk of a being with his body parts being taken by demons. Abandoned by his family, the young child is rescued from his certain demise by a traveling doctor and is given life. Sixteen years pass and the young man has been given prosthetic parts that allow him to attempt to live as well as the ability to fight with hidden blades within his body. When the young man saves a wandering thief named Dororo from a demon, one of the pieces of the man returns and he soon realizes that defeating these demons can return his body to its former state.

Many of us anime fans weren’t alive when Dororo was first created back in the late 60s. Despite this, Dororo has continued to be considered a classic and has finally been given a more modern anime creation with a 2019 release that is currently ongoing as we speak! Dororo three episodes in has truly wowed us here at Honey’s Anime thanks to some truly amazing narration, animation, music and unique themes that blend supernatural with samurai action. With the show being created by Studio MAPPA—the studio behind shows like Banana Fish and Inuyashiki—Dororo is sure to be a solid series with plenty of action and epic drama.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Hiroki Suzuki

Hyakkimaru is traveling in order to get back the body that was stolen from him at birth by the twelve fierce gods. He may be blind, but he is able to sense the existence of others as if they are flames. He fights with two swords, one in each of his artificial arms.


Voice Actor: Rio Suzuki

Dororo is kind at his core, but he does also have a bratty, brazen side to him as well. Ever since being saved by Hyakkimaru when he was being attacked, Dororo travels together with Hyakkimaru. He hates samurai who abuse and take advantage of people.


Voice Actor: Mutsumi Sasaki

Biwamaru is a mysterious blind buddhist priest. He is a recluse who is aloof from the world, however, he looks after Hyakkimaru and Dororo and helps them from time to time. Just like Hyakkimaru, Biwamaru can also sense the existence of others as if they are flames and fights with a sword that is also fashioned like a Japanese lute.


Voice Actor: Mugibito

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kaen by Ziyoou-vachi
  • Ending Song: Sayonara Gokko by amazarashi

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Osamu Tezuka
  • Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Character Design: Satoshi Iwataki
  • Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
  • Original Illustrator: Hiroyuki Asada
  • Music: Yoshihiro Ike

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