Dr. Stone - A Guided Summary of the Story So Far

After nearly a year or two of waiting, season three of the Dr. Stone anime is finally here!
So many things have happened to Senku and the gang since the anime series came out in July 2019. It was an adventure for Senku and his friends, from having to live in present-day Japan to suddenly surviving in a primitive era. They have faced challenging situations that they were able to get through thanks to the help of science.

So, exactly what happened to Senku and the gang in Dr. Stone? What happened since the last time we saw the series? If those are the questions you were thinking, then look no further. Since it has been a while since we last saw Dr. Stone on screen, we put together this guide to help you refresh your memory and update you on what you might have missed. For those new to the series and curious to watch it, we hope this guide can pique your interest to start watching it now.

This guide just summarizes what happened during the events in Dr. Stone. So, let's start at the very beginning of the series. Where everything first began.

From Modern Day To Primitive Era: Survival of The Fittest

For those new or needing a refresher, Dr. Stone follows the story of a science-loving boy named Senku and his friends, Taiju and Yuzuriha. Senku, Taiju, and Yuzuriha were living a normal high school life when, on the day Taiju decided to confess his 5-year-long feelings to Yuzuriha, a green light suddenly appeared. This is where it all began.

The beginning of the first season is based on the Prologue Saga in the manga. This saga sets its audience up for the tone that the series will use throughout, as well as prepare us for future events.

After several thousand years, Taiju finally awakens from his petrified state. Instead of being in modern-day Japan, Taiju finds himself in a more primitive world without any science or technology. Luckily, he is not alone.

Reuniting With A Friend

While Taiju has woken up from his stone-like state, even he, alone, couldn't survive the primitive era that the world is in now. Honestly, If you don't have the knowledge or skills, who would? That is where the science-loving boy, Senku, comes in. Having woken up before Taiju, Senku has already started trying to survive in the primitive era. With Senku being the brains of the team and Taiju being the brawns, together they joined forces on the quest to survive in the new era of the world. This time with another goal: reviving humanity.

Tsukasa Vs. Senku: The Clash of Ideals

This is where the story of Dr. Stone starts to get interesting.

After reuniting, Senku and Taiju continue their days surviving while trying to find a way to revive all of humanity. Another person soon joined them: Tsukasa, also known as the Strongest High School Primate. However, Tsukasa has other plans. Unlike Senku, whose goal is to revive all of humanity with the help of science, Tsukasa wants a pure world for the youth that is adult-free and free of modern technology.

This clash of ideals became one of the turning points of the series and is one of the next obstacles that Senku and his friends faced. Senku and Tsukasa soon became enemies, leading to a war between the two ideals.

Ishigami Village: The Kingdom Of Science

Things started to kick off after Senku nearly escaped Tsukasa. It is the start of the next chapter of the Dr. Stone series and is based on the Ishigami Saga from the manga. Here is where Senku's Kingdom of Science began!

To beat Tsukasa and his ideals, Senku knew that he needed science to win, and the first thing on the list was to find a base for his Kingdom of Science. Luckily he discovered a place for that: the first village and group of people in the primitive era: Ishigami Village!

Not only does this village serve as the perfect base, but it also has many people with different talents to help with his scientific endeavor, including a potential up-and-coming scientist, Chrome! With everyone's help, Senku won over the villagers using the power of science by curing their village priestess!

This village is unique, though, especially to Senku. Why was there a primitive village in the first place when all of humanity was petrified to stone? Unfortunately, you would have to watch to find out!

The Stone Wars: Science vs. Might

After winning the villages and finally creating the Kingdom of Science, the next step is the war against Tsukasa and his Empire! In this part of the story, we get close to the climax of the war between Senku and Tsukasa: the Stone Wars. It covers the Stone Wars Saga in the manga and the start of season two.

It's a full-on preparation for the upcoming war, and everyone in Ishigami Village is on board. They even gained a new ally, Gen, a mentalist, to help with their feats. They are on a timer since Tsukasa will launch his attack once Spring comes. This is where Senkuu and Gen's master plan comes in! For his plan to work, he needed to get in contact with both Taiju and Yuzuriha. For that, he created a particular device that each and everyone one of us uses today: a cell phone. Thanks to this device, Senku could communicate with Taiju and Yuzuriha, gain information, and even gain new allies along the way.

Senku hopes to make this war bloodless as possible, so with all the technology he created, the Kingdom of Science made the attack first. In the end, though, Senku made a deal with Tsukasa that ended the Stone Wars. But something unexpected happens: Tsukasa's right-hand man, Hyoga, betrays them, carrying his own personal ideals of the world. To survive and prevent Hyoga's ideals from coming true, Tsukasa and Senku work together and stop him and, thus, end the Stone Wars Saga!

End Of The Stone Wars

With the Stone Wars ending, Senku and the gang finally changed their focus on reviving humanity. But first, Senku and the crew must help Tsukasa. During the battle against Hyoga, Tsukasa got seriously injured. To save him, Senku and his friends must use science again to save him by putting him into a cold sleep, but only temporarily. To save Tsukasa, they needed the power that petrified all of humanity.

This is where the series starts in the next part of the story. It follows the saga where Senku and his friends must find the source of the petrification. It became the next goal that they had to achieve.

Time To Build A Ship!

The next part of the story for Dr. Stone was shown in the special episode, Dr. Stone Ryuusei.
With a new goal set, they needed to find a way to get to the source of the light that petrified humanity. They needed to build a ship. With Senku taking the lead, they started to prepare for a ship that could withstand anything that would happen in their journey. How, though? They needed someone who knew their way with a boat and how to operate it. This is where a new person comes in by the name of Ryuusei. With Ryuusei's help, they can start navigating the wide world.

First Hot Air Balloon Reinvented

Dr.-STONE-Wallpaper-6-700x470 Dr. Stone - A Guided Summary of the Story So Far

Of course, that doesn't mean they are free from problems just because the war has ended. They have new sets of problems they must solve, including ones involving Ryuusei and his greed. Luckily, that didn't stop Senku and the gang, especially since they had their way of getting Ryuusei to listen to them, thanks to Gen.

Using the power of money that Ryuusei invented, both the Kingdom of Science and the Empire of Might, reinvented another technology that helped them in their future science endeavors: a Hot Air Balloon.

Next Stop: Finding Oil

After the success of the Hot Air Balloon, the next step is to find the essential item that would help them achieve their next goal: oil. It isn't easy, though, since the landscape they know has changed after many thousand years. Senku and the gang must once again work together to find the source of this oil with the help of science. Whether he achieved this or not is yet to be seen. This is where season three starts, after all. With only a couple of episodes into the season, we would have to wait and see how successful they are in achieving this next step.

Final Thoughts

This is the story so far for Dr. Stone. We tried to summarize what has happened so far throughout the series without missing or spoiling anything important. We would have added the many scientific inventions that Senkuu reinvented, but if we did, then this article may be longer and probably be filled only with Senkuu's creations. We are excited about the new season, though. We can't wait to see what other crazy ideas Senkuu has for this season.

You can watch all the seasons, including the new third season of Dr. Stone, on Crunchyroll. Are you as excited about Dr. Stone as we are? Use the comments below and let us know your thoughts and comments about Dr. Stone! Remember to check out other Honey's Anime articles for all things related to anime, manga, and otaku culture!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”