Trigun Stampede Review! “Vash the Stampede Returns in Full Force!”

By now, avid readers of us here at Honey’s Anime know we absolutely loved Trigun Stampede from Studio Orange. This remade version of the original 90s Trigun scared us at first—as we really adored the OG series—but as the series progressed, our worries dissolved. Trigun Stampede has far exceeded our expectations and with the first season completed—a second season has been confirmed in production—we have our final thoughts on this initial season. Let us review Trigun Stampede and explain to those out there who haven’t seen this yet, why you need to rectify that problem as soon as humanly possible!

Remade, Harder Better Faster, and Cooler

CGI is considered a taboo word in the world of anime as most CG series are considered pretty horrendous. Over the years more and more CGI anime have pushed the limits of the medium and proven that it can be done well but equally still inflicts fear in the hearts of anime viewers. Trigun Stampede clearly isn’t using the traditional animation style akin to the original and goes for a CGI flavor but let us tell you now, this is CGI done perfectly.

From the stunning levels of character model details to the high level of attention taken to the battle scenes, Trigun Stampede is absolutely breathtaking. The final episode alone was jaw-dropping—that final scene made us forget to breathe—to some of the earlier epic scenes like Knives' first major introduction, Trigun Stampede needs to be the anime standard for CGI. Studio Orange. We tip our hats to you and say well done for proving CGI isn’t a failed animation style.

Take the New and Run Wild With It

Trigun Stampede doesn’t waste much time showing fans—and newcomers alike—that this isn’t trying to be the original in terms of story and themes. Pretty early on, Trigun Stampede shows it still has that light-hearted feeling we remember vividly from Madhouse’s original take on Trigun but with a darker tone due in large part to how Vash’s pacifism is both his greatest trait and biggest weakness. The people in Trigun Stampede suffer in a world that is like an apocalyptic sci-fi western world but that isn’t helped by Vash airing often on using his cool relic gun in a way to deter violence. As characters like Roberto De Niro or Nicholas D. Wolfwood loves to remind Vash, choosing to avoid fighting doesn’t always lead to peace.

We had a discussion here at Honey’s Anime and we felt Trigun Stampede’s themes could be seen like this. Kni and Vash’s relationship is akin to angels and demons from the Catholic/Christian bible. Knives doesn’t care about humanity—as we see in episode 3 all too well—and only wishes to save his group of otherworldly plants, the beings that are used as energy throughout the series of which Vash and himself are special plants. Meanwhile, Vash is like an angel fighting for heaven where he airs on avoiding conflict but this comes at a high price—especially with what happens to the city of July in the finale—but he still attempts to coexist with humans and wishes for a future where plants and humans can live together in perfect harmony.

One could really spend days trying to debate which side is right/wrong in this story yet you can’t deny the charm of a series like Trigun Stampede is coming to your own debate of the narrative and choosing a side you lean towards!

The Music, Just Perfection

Many otaku will tell you that a bad OST can ruin even the best series and that is very true. Luckily, Trigun Stampede has not only a fabulous OST but one that makes every moment from the calmer discussions between Roberto and Meryl Stryfe to the epic encounters between Vash and his brother Nai just that much more impactful. The opening alone—TOMBI by Kvi Baba—really sets the melancholy tone of Vash’s journey. The ending song—Stars a by Salyu x haruka nakamura --might have a totally different calming tone than the music within each episode or the OP but it helps almost calm the viewer down and remind you of a more light-toned moment in the world of Trigun Stampede. Needless to say, Trigun Stampede has an OST that is perfect and really makes the OG series proud.

That Final Episode and the Revelations

SPOILERS, be warned. The finale of Trigun Stampede season 1 is chock full of oh my god moments—one of which we may have mentioned briefly earlier in the review—such as Meryl being told she has an apprentice coming in the form of axed original Trigun cowgirl Milly Thompson! Equally, Vash unleashing his powers and showing the destruction plants can cause is really the finale we wanted and the hopes we had for future installments.

Trigun Stampede season 1 alone could have been the true end of the series and we’d be okay with it, but are glad more is coming in the near future! Ironically, we think Studio Orange even had an idea to make Trigun Stampede season 1 as a prequel of sorts—one moment of the final episode shows a #0 for the ending sequence—which shows they really planned this more than we could have imagined.

Final Thoughts

Trigun Stampede had a hard goal to reach, surpassing the original beloved by many otaku across the world. In our opinion, Trigun Stampede reached that goal and passed it without much effort. Yes, the original will always hold a special place in our hearts but Trigun Stampede feels like its own story and we can’t deny it’s a story we could relive over and over…and might have already. Folks, if you were on the fence about diving into Vash’s new story, then let us ease your spirit and tell you this. Trigun Stampede is perfect and we can’t wait for season 2!

Did you love or hate Trigun Stampede or did we change your mind about it? Comment below to let us know as we love hearing from our readers out there! Keep stuck to our pacifist hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews and all things otaku!

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