Dream Festival - Fall 2016

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Dream Festival!

Music, Idol

Airing Date:
October 7 2016

Other Seasons:

Bandai Namco Pictures

Honey’s Highlights

bee-unacceptable Dream Festival - Fall 2016
Male Idol Anime aka BL is leaking out of summer into Fall! This is an atrocity!
bee-unacceptable Dream Festival - Fall 2016
Mmmmmm This is something now to make fall 2016 anime something to look forward to!
bee-unacceptable Dream Festival - Fall 2016
Awwww yis! Another show to follow up B-Project, Tsukiuta, and it feels like Starmyu!
bee-unacceptable Dream Festival - Fall 2016
Those shows all look the same to me but at least they are great for the fandom!

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One day, second-year high school student Kanade Amamiya is suddenly scouted by the legendary idol, Haruto Mikami. Seeing the passion of the idols at Mikami’s agency before his very eyes, Kanade becomes dauntlessly engrossed in his own idol activities. Together with the former child actor Shin Oikawa, the super-stoic Junya Sasaki, the kind but secretly passionate Itsuki Katagiri, and the air-headed genius Chizuru Sawamura, he’s aiming to enter Dream Festival, and win the opportunity to release their debut CD!

Will Kanade and the others be able to collect Dream Festival Cards, sent from fans in support, and deliver the ultimate performance…?

Three Episode Impression

Many of us were excited at the prospect of another all-boy idol anime, and Dream Festival certainly hasn’t let us down. Although it may seem like every other idol anime at first glance, it’s got some elements of surprise, notably the use of less well-known voice actors which gives it a fresh feeling. Oh, and did I mention the magical boy-style transformations? Yeah, it’s got those. As Dream Festival is also a card-collecting game, it makes use of that element in the anime, so is sure to be a hit for players of mobile idol games such as Aichuu and Idolish7. Although the characters may be a little stereotypical, that doesn’t stop you from falling in love with them, and overall Dream Festival is just good fun to watch.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kanade Amamiya

Voice Actor: Souma Ishihara

Age: 17
Birthday: July 15
Height: 177 cm
Hobbies: Soccer, smartphone games
Special skill: Can remember people’s faces straight away

Shin Oikawa

Voice Actor: Takuya Mizoguchi

Age: 17
Birthday: April 28
Height: 178 cm
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies and foreign dramas
Special skill: Memorisation

Junya Sasaki

Voice Actor: Kentarou Tomita

Age: 17
Birthday: August 17
Height: 173 cm
Hobbies: Surfing, cooking
Special skill: Cooking, sewing

Itsuki Katagiri

Voice Actor: Masaki Oota

Age: 16
Birthday: January 21
Height: 185 cm
Hobbies: Planning for snacks, playing with his pets
Special skill: Dancing, acrobatics

Chizuru Sawamura

Voice Actor: Kaoru Masaki

Age: 16
Birthday: November 11
Height: 160 cm
Hobbies: Eating lots of tasty food
Special skill: Can fall asleep anywhere

Keigo Kazama

Voice Actor: Kimito Totani

Age: 17
Birthday: March 14
Height: 182cm
Hobbies: Guitar, Muscle Traning
Special skill: Can distinguish different smells

Yuuto Kuroishi

Voice Actor: Hideaki Kabumoto

Age: 18
Birthday: June 9
Height: 183cm
Hobbies: Collecting silver accessories, going to unseen places
Special Skill: Can play any musical instrument (especially guitar and piano), has great ear for music

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Pleasure Flag by DearDream
  • Ending Song: Shin Ai Naru Yume he! By DearDream

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: BN Pictures
  • Director: Yuuta Murano
  • Series Composition: Youichi Katou
  • Character Design: Yayoi Arakawa
  • Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta
  • Original Illustrator: Bandai
  • Music: Ken Itou, Ryou Takahashi

For more information: Official Website

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