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When we think of idol anime, we think of celebrity status, fame, and screaming fans. Driving the anime idol boy culture are the token dreamboats, talented in seemingly everything, and dripping with swag. Overall, anime idol boys possess the qualities that many covet and crave. While some may be closer to stardom than others, many of us can only dream and observe pop star sensationalism through anime. As such, with this particular type of article, we introduce to you, an exciting division of recommendations, solely to give you all a sampling of current flavors based on popular previously aired anime. So, with that being said: Let’s get it started!

About La Corda D’Oro (Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 2006 – March 2007

Long ago, there was a young man who traveled overseas to study music. In his new surroundings, he had a strange encounter with a small and mysterious being that unfortunately was injured. The young man treats this creature and in return, the fairy offers to grant any wish he desires. The young man wishes to establish a music school and so, it is done. As time passes on to present day, we meet again with this fairy from long ago.

Lili, as he is called, spots the one that will participate in the school’s annual Musical Concourse, Kahoko Hino. As the school is divided between general education students sporting grey blazers, and musical students who don white, she is puzzled as to why Lili has chosen her as she possesses no musical ability whatsoever. Henceforth, we watch Kahoko learn an instrument, compete in the Music Concourse with six other peers, and discover passion and appreciation of musical training.

Like La Corda D’Oro? Watch Magic-Kyun! Renaissance!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2016 – Current
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Kohana Aigasaki is from a world where art transpires into music, and where Artistas are individuals possessing this ability. Kohana is inspired by her mother’s beauty and artistic talent to produce wonderful musical art. Kohana has the opportunity, as a transfer student, to attend Hoshinomori School of Magical Arts, her mother’s alma mater. Kohana arrives at the school to find an array of students who sparkle with abundant magical talent. Kohana learns from her new roommate that many students can already perform standard skills; which worries her, since being the daughter of a world-renowned Artista, people expect a lot from her. Into the school year, Kohana is placed on the planning committee for the school’s annual Hoshi Festival with six boys, specializing in various art forms. Collectively, they expand and inspire one another’s talents, hoping to make this year’s festival a success.

Three Major Similarities Between La Corda D’Oro and Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

1. Personal Growth and Development

Both Kahoko from La Corda D’Oro and Kohana from Magic-Kyun! Renaissance are beginners in their craft, discovering that what they can produce comes from a warm, heartfelt place.

Kahoko is presented a magical violin by Lili, giving anyone the ability to play it. However, what fuels the beauty of sound and art is the sentiment behind each performance. Throughout the anime, Kahoko is challenged with the issue of whether or not she truly holds a place to participate in the Musical Concourse. With time, we later observe that Kahoko’s countless hours of practice and dedication are the true enchantment of her being a violinist.

Kohana is similar in this fashion because she wants to be like her mother, an esteemed floral arrangement Artista. She would watch her mother conjure beautiful pieces as a child, bestowing great jubilation on whoever set eyes on them. When Kohana’s mother passed away, she didn’t have a chance to learn from her how to become a floral arranging artista, only what she’s observed. When she transferred into Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School, she had to study how to find her personal technique and sparkle. Consequently, she brings out a bit of herself and her mother in all of her arrangements.

2. “Do What You Love, Love What You Do”

Simply put, Kahoko loves playing the violin, either with magic or horribly, and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. Even when she willed too much magic into her violin, she was determined to fix it to properly earn her spot in the Musical Concourse. The same can be said about Kohana. Once she set foot on campus, she was amazed with everybody’s personal sparkles, desperately wanting to find her own. When Kohana reflects on how flowers gave comfort and happiness to her mother, she wants the very same intense feelings from others when they admire her work. Essentially, we can learn from Kahoko and Kohana, that in life, it is valuable to find something to be passionate about and commit yourself wholeheartedly.

3. You’re The Inspiration

Kahoko and Kohana started from the very bottom as novices and within the school year, they grew proficient in the violin and floral arrangement, respectively. These girls owe a lot of their progress to the guys and gals who helped them tremendously along their journey. Additionally, Kahoko and Kohana’s caring and kind nature is highlighted in each anime. Their compassion really brings out the best in themselves and others.

In La Corda D’Oro, the other Musical Concourse participants; Yunoki, Hihara, Tsukimori, Shimizu, Tsuchiura and Fuyuumi, become a huge support system for Kahoko, making her aware of their devotion to the violin. In turn, she helps them become more passionate about their instruments, performing with more depth and meaning.

In Magic-Kyun! Renaissance, Kohana produces this very similar theme with the other festival committee members; Ichijoji, Suminomiya, Anjou, Kanato, Monet, and Rintaro. Kohana helps them overcome their own personal obstacles, providing them with a whole new approach and outlook on their magical art, whether it is singing, dancing, calligraphy, painting, and/or culinary art.

Like La Corda D’Oro? Watch Dream Festival!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: September 2016 – Current
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Kanade Amamiya is a second year high school student. One day, he is working outside a concert event passing out balloons, when a legendary idol and recruiter, Haruto Mikami, scouts him. Haruto gives him the opportunity to become an idol and be a part of the renowned D4 Production. Kanade declines, but somehow is tricked into visiting the production studio. When he arrives, he is fascinated by what it takes to become an idol, a similar feeling he hasn’t experienced since he played soccer. From that moment on, in the spirit of competition, idolism, and enjoyment, we watch Kanade perform with his band mates; Junya, Oikawa, Itsuki and Chizuru. Together as DEAR DREAM, they perform, gain numerous dorika cheers and climb their way to the top of the Dream Festival.

Three Major Similarities Between La Corda D’Oro and Dream Festival!

1. Boys Boys Boys

We can’t help but admire and gawk at the dreamy boys of La Corda D’Oro and Dream Festival. Yunoki on flute, Tsukimori on violin, Shimizu on cello, Hihara on trumpet and Tsuchiura on piano from La Corda D’Oro; and Kanade, Oikawa, Sasaki, Itsuki and Chizuru who make up DEAR DREAM of Dream Festival!. These guys make for an exciting, diverse, and stunning character line-up. Moreover, these boys all ooze star quality and potential, making it inevitable to fangirl/boy over them.

2. I Got Your Back

The main male characters in La Corda D’Oro and Dream Festival begin each anime with their own individual objectives. All competitive in nature, they sought any means to climb to the top. They all have distinct qualities, performing with various techniques and methods that make them shine in their own way. As it is “lonely at the top”, their successes and failures originate from their immense support system. Once viewed as opposition, the journey through the Musical Concourse and Dream Fest is more substantial when you have friends rooting for you along the way.

3. “Work Hard In Silence, Let Success Be Your Noise”

Although the tone and style of La Corda D’Oro and Dream Festival! are comparably different, the musical and singing abilities of Kahoko and the boys of DEAR DREAM are enveloped in some variation of magic. The result of each magical power is captivating, but more so, they couldn’t have gotten far if they didn’t put the time and energy into their craft. In both anime, the performers are able to measure their achievements through the applause and cheers of their spectators. From this, Kahoko and DEAR DREAM can see the benefits from all their hard work.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article gives you a little sample of what types of male idol anime exist among the countless genres out there! As there are so many other choices, let us know if you agree with these picks. Furthermore, feel free to leave your suggestions and comments below! Thanks and enjoy!

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