[Editorial Tuesday] Why Taking a Slice of Anime Can Better Your Life

Uchuu-Kyoudai-wallpaper1-700x394 [Editorial Tuesday] Why Taking a Slice of Anime Can Better Your Life

We all at some point have discovered an anime that completely shifts your emotions from one spectrum to another, ranging from jubliance to utter grief. It's these types of feelings that resonate within us when tuning into our favorite anime. While most anime take us into a far away world, filled with vast arrays of vibrant colors and mesmorizing environments, there are just some anime that bring us back down to reality in the most profound way. They may or may not be a well known series, but what permeates inside your soul is not the popularity of the show, but rather the words being spoken among the cast.

Whether the genre be slice of life or action/sci-fi, the many directions a series can guide you in are limitless. While the flashy sequences act as the primer on the entire canvas, its the moral reward that completes the picture. Its those moments where you lie on your bed, contemplating and questioning the meaning behind what was just expressed. It reverberates all throughout your entire body itching to be answered.

So this brings us to the topic at hand which is why taking a slice of anime can better your life. Many books and documentaries provide the same effect, in which there are nuggets that we can take with us on our adventure through life. We are going to discuss five reasons why taking a slice of anime can definitely have a strong impact on your life. The first point we'll hop into is: Artistic direction.

Artistic Direction

Uchuu-Kyoudai-wallpaper1-700x394 [Editorial Tuesday] Why Taking a Slice of Anime Can Better Your Life

Anime has been around for many years, but for those in the west we are more aqquainted with the term, “animation”. To animate means to give birth to movement, whether it be as simple as a ball rolling across the floor, to the production quality we see in anime today. Its these subtleties that give life to anime and make it such a spectacle to watch. There lives an artist inside all of us, whether it be a fashion designer, painter, or even something as extreme as skateboarding. All of these have some form of art behind it, which is what inspires us to come up with new ideas to amaze the world.

Where anime helps us in this sense is that it provides us with imagination and artistic direction. Anime is all about movement, much like the other art forms that surround us, and so by tuning into our favorite series it shows us where we need to go. Anime is like the art teacher you wish you had, filled with an infinite source of inspiration that creates a new realm within the mind, and pushes you beyond your expectations. With every series having its own unique coating of paint, we can discover in ourselves, meanings which we could never have seen before had we not become fascinated by the many works Japan has offered. That brings us into the next reason why taking a slice of anime can change your life.

Self Discovery/Awareness

Uchuu-Kyoudai-wallpaper1-700x394 [Editorial Tuesday] Why Taking a Slice of Anime Can Better Your Life

Artistic direction can be seen in various classic art pieces ranging from Van Gogh, all the way to Rembrandt. These classical works of art are what helped to shape the way we look at things, creating a new discovery within each of us. Anime serves the exact purpose as a painting. But instead of a still life, it comes to life. We all have had our moments where we feel as if the world is submerging us into a dark pit of despair, with very little options of escape. And then there are those days where the world around you is filled with an abundance of peace and harmony that make us feel special.

This is the self discovery that anime provides at times where we feel like we need that imaginary shoulder to lean on. Philosophy has played an integral part in the evolution of humanity, and anime can sometimes throw in some philosophical meanings to wake you up.

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you. “

These famous words from Lao Tzu can be a helpful tool and a motivator to help us. Moreso, it can be seen all throughout various anime series. One great example is Dragonball in where Goku never claims to be the best at anything, never boasts about his strength, and still maintains a content mind. It's that very attitude and act of modesty that makes Goku an extremely popular character not only in Japan, but around the world. This now brings us into the third reason why anime can change your life.

Developing a Stronger State of Mind

Uchuu-Kyoudai-wallpaper1-700x394 [Editorial Tuesday] Why Taking a Slice of Anime Can Better Your Life

While we cannot reach the super saiya-jin status that is Goku, we can most certainly attain the same approach to life that Goku works hard for: Developing a stronger state of mind. Dragonball isn't the only anime that demonstates this great example of growth however, as there are a plethora of anime that exemplify the meaning of changing your state of mind to help better your life. Another fantastic anime is GTO. GTO looks at a former bike gang leader turned aspiring teacher named Onizuka. Onizuka was given the task of managing a classroom of troublemakers to help maintain the prestigious image of Holy Forest Academy.

While the students and faculty always gave Onizuka an extremely hard time, he showed a strong demeanor and maintained his calm at all times of stress. Not only was Onizuka a teacher in the classroom sense, he became a teacher of life itself: take responsibility for your actions. Throughout this series you can see Onizuka expressing his own philosophical teachings which helped him gain the respect of everyone in his class. Its these types of anime that ring the alarm in our conscience to start making a difference. Maintain a cool head at all times, and life will grace you with all that you need.

Anime not only shows us the positives about life, but it can also help us to realize that not everything is perfect and so therefore we must come to accept the present moment, and embrace what life provides to us. Our lives are a plate, and life serves us a meal which we can either devour quickly or take it slowly.

Providing Encouragement to Pursue Our Dreams

Uchuu-Kyoudai-wallpaper1-700x394 [Editorial Tuesday] Why Taking a Slice of Anime Can Better Your Life

So what do all of these have in common? Well if we put all of these reasons together, you create a being that can see far beyond the rainbow, and they help drive us to pursue the things we come to love. If you look at our two examples GTO and Dragonball, both main characters had a dream which they worked hard to obtain: self fulfillment. While some anime characters like L in Death Note, or Lelouch in Code Gaess had somewhat different approaches to dreams, they all shared that purpose to continue pursuing it despite the circumstances.

This is something that we can all learn from, since it can truly help us to seek out what we desire in our hearts. We often find ourselves being controlled by the external things around us, being our friends, colleagues, etc. But its those moments where you start to become aware and realize that in order to pursue something, it must be done yourself. Whether you have to take more risks than usual, or having to let something or someone go, its the dream that pushes you to continue. Anime is education. Anime shows us that anything is possible, if you work hard enough at it and maintain a content mind about it. It demonstrates to us that, despite the ups and downs we encounter, anything can be obtained.

Space Brothers is a wonderful example of this, where despite the crowds telling you no, your heart tells you yes and you keep going until you become that rocket in the sky soaring to new heights.

Learning About Culture

Watching anime can really help you dive into a new world which you never really understood, but after tuning in for awhile you start to see the meaning behind it all. This brings us to the last reason why anime can truly change your life.

The world is filled with so many different colors, shapes, and sizes and it's not surprising that Japan has a fantastic culture which we can all be inspired by. Despite its rough edges in moments throughout history, Japan has emerged as a country known for its dedication and devotion to peace, but also that it stands strong amidst all adversity. Anime is a great example of this, as Japan demonstrates their passion through art, and it resonates all throughout the world.

We are invited into the country without truly being there, and we feel as if we can relate through the words and actions on screen. With various genres ranging from history, to slice of life, anime serves a meaning for each and every one of us, despite where we come from. While anime is merely just a sub culture in Japan, it still holds a place in the hearts of millions all over. From small children to adults, anime has something for everyone and it's what unites all cultures.

It expresses the importance of why we are alive in the first place, that we all are humanity and humanity is culture. Learning from each other is what helps us come to terms with what is around us, and helps to direct us down the path of certainty.

Concluding paragraph

We hope that this article brought a new meaning to your love for anime, and that it continues to inspire you for years to come. Honey's Anime is a place where we can all share the same passion and enjoyment, and express those feelings in a honest way.

Anime is not only a form of entertainment, but it is also a form of education since it can teach you things about yourself that you would have otherwise ignored. Take this slice with you, as Honey's Anime has a very big cake to share with the rest of the world.

As always, keep it locked here for more anime entertainment. Leave a comment below and discuss your passions with everyone! Take care.