Elsword Unleashes Darkness With the Debrian Laboratory

What You Need to Know:

  • This past week KOG Games announced the launch of their latest rebalance update titled Debrian Laboratory.
  • This update brings a BIG character rebalance, the greatly requested customizable gampad support, the Ice Burner Popcorn party (a bigtime shop event) and a little something for everybody for the weekend: Starting 8/09, once per day, for one hour, players will receive 2X's EXP, 2X's drop-rate and Unlimited Stamina.
  • Beyond scary underground dungeons filled with twisted, undead robots driven mad by the god of chaos... there's a ton stuff going in with this update, so look forward to it! Check out the trailer below!

Source: Official Press Release

About Debrian Laboratory

Deep beneath the legendary capital city that had risen from the haze of an era long forgotten, a laboratory, constructed by the ancient Debrian race has been discovered. With unparalleled mastery over the power of the El, it was thought that the Debrians had been researching prominence; the epitome of technical greatness. Though true, their research was far from "greatness". From within the bowels of this twisted lab, corrupted Nasod protect the most wretched experiments imaginable, and the entrance to a threshold through time that will bind the world abyssal chaos, Henir, to Elrios.

Far more than anything the El Search Party could have ever prepared for, will they throw themselves into a war that transcends time and space?

It appears that Henir, the executor of absolute Chaos plans to march against the volatile, life-giving El, and consume everything.

Official Trailer

Elsword Official - Debrian Laboratory Trailer

honeys anime character

honeys anime character
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