Engage Kiss First Impression - Kiss That Demon!?

A1-Pictures, animators of great works like Sword Art Online, Your Lie in April, and Erased, to name some of their more popular works. When we here at Honey’s Anime heard that A1-Pictures just released a new series, our hive woke up and flew straight to our TVs and monitors to check out these new programs. Engage Kiss is yet one of those new summer 2022 anime titles to release, and wow…it is something quite peculiar. Does this mean it’s a series worth taking a chance on or is this possibly not one of the best A1-Pictures anime to be created? We find out in our first impression of Engage Kiss, which is a very eye-catching title honestly.

A Demon, A Penniless Man, and A Rich Business Woman…

Episode 1…that is where we were hypnotized by the strangeness of Engage Kiss. Following the journey of Shu Ogata, our “hero” works for a special team that takes down demons alongside his benefactor Ayano Yugiri and his demon partner Kisara. It isn’t the most unique or original premise but there is something so comedic as a human working alongside a demon to take down other threats. Shu steals the show though, as he is a walking comedy act all through the episodes we’ve seen. He’s lazy, kind of naive, and literally broke all the time but those attitudes just fit his design and theme to the letter. Kisara too might be a candidate for waifu material this Summer 2022, as she is quick to act lovey-dovey with Shu and gets extremely jealous when he’s around others. Engage Kiss is a simple story with simple themes but it does everything quite well in that regard…at least so far.

Great Action Scenes!

Say what you will about Sword Art Online or Fairy Tail, A1-Pictures has a knack for some seriously epic animation. Engage Kiss is yet another prime example with some stellar fights in the last 3 episodes! Even when the series just focuses on dialogue, Engage Kiss looks pretty good and has some eye-popping visuals.

Let the Romantic Battle Commence

Kisara and Ayano, both of these girls are gorgeous and each is extremely attracted to our hapless MC. So far, their rivalry has gone beyond just simple anger towards one another to jealousy—like when Ayano discovers a picture of Shu and Kisara in bed despite the former being unaware and asleep in the photo—to the first episode where the two girls are duking it out while a demon runs rampant behind them. This running gag could become boring if it continues for too long but we were constantly laughing while shaking our heads at Shu’s dilemma.

This Might Be It

Engage Kiss's first three episodes prove it has the potential to be good but will it always stay at this level, or surprise us later? Honestly, Engage Kiss might just become a mediocre anime if it continues with the over-the-top cliché tropes and themes for another 10 episodes. We have high hopes that some shocking battles will change up the story for our hapless trio of main characters but as of right now, this story seems to already be hitting a wall and that will keep it from rising above other great 2022 summer anime…

Final Thoughts

A1-Pictures rarely disappoint us otaku. While Engage Kiss could end up being just another action/romance comedy series, we still think the show will be good and has already been a fun watch so far.

Are any of you readers watching/enjoying Engage Kiss? Comment below to let us know! Keep stuck to our heroic hive here at Honey’s Anime for more coverage of the summer 2022 anime season!

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