"Ensemble Stars! -Road to Show!!-" Unveils New Promo Video Featuring Theme Songs!

Ensemble Stars! -Road to Show!!-

Idol, Music

Airing Date:
March 4, 2022

david production

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Ensemble Square is an entertainment company located in a brand-new building in the center of town. It houses four vast talent agencies, each of which have dozens of colorful idols who are singing, dancing, and making memories every day.
Three movies starring Ensemble Square’s idols—Shangri-la Idol Fist, Midnight Butlers, and La Mort—are nominated for the Idol Film Festival (IFF), an annual event held in New York City. In order to attend the awards ceremony, the idols selected as representatives head to America...

Characters & Voice Actors

Makoto Yuuki: Shoutarou Morikubo
Mao Isara: Yuki Kaji
Aira Shiratori: Kohei Amasaki
Mayoi Ayase: Chiharu Shigematsu
Nagisa Ran: Junichi Suwabe
Hinata Aoi: Soma Saito
Kohaku Oukawa: Tasuku Kaito

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Life is so Dramatic!!" by SCREEN10
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Happy Elements
  • Director: Hishida Masawa
  • Script: Kino Seitaro
  • Character Design: Haruko Iizuka
  • Animation Director: Haruko Iizuka
  • Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Original Illustrator: Happy Elements
  • Music: Kato Tatsuya

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