Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Berserker

In history, Berserkers were known to be the scariest element to any army. Those who were considered Berserkers weren’t known for smart military moves or clever ambushes but were known for pure strength that came across as frightening. Many Berserkers were seen as warriors who could get shot or maimed dozens of times by an arsenal of weapons and yet still continue pushing forth as if unfazed. In Fate/Grand Order, Berserkers retain this fearful theme as servants who can be quite the powerhouses. Today on our Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster, we shall examine Berserkers and how they can help a smart team as well as why they should be utilized best with their strengths/weaknesses.


Pure Attack Strength

In any RPG, having a unit deal out massive damage is considered a blessing. While you might rely on units with high HP to survive a long battle, imagining cutting the time of a fight in half by having a warrior capable of dealing out outrageous amounts of damage. That is where Berserkers like Darius III, Vlad III, Hercules and Lancelot—to name a few—come into play in Fate/Grand Order. While they don’t have much more damage totals then other units, they have a special ability—applied to all but Foreigners and Shielders—that allows Berserk units to deal 50% more damage to all enemies. Basically, if a Saber class was to unleash a 1000 damage on an enemy a berserk would deal 1500 to that same enemy. That’s a nice way to wrap up a fight quickly.

Give yourself more possibilities

Having a Berserker in your arsenal is a boon to a good set up team. Rather than needing to rely on using Buster moves for hard hitting damage, Berserkers can use all three attack types to deal out damage due to their special 50% ability. This allows you to worry less about getting Buster cards per turn and focus on just building up Noble Phantasm points or buff the party to unleash even more powerful abilities/attacks!


Double the damage on both fronts

Just like how history shows Berserkers to deal out tons of damage it also shows that they take a lot of damage. Fate/Grand Order keeps that theme in check by having Berserkers receive double damage from all servant class types with the exception of the two mentioned above and other Berserkers. This means that if you’re in a long fight, you’d best keep an eye out on their health bar. If enemies continue to hit a Berserker, they will die pretty darn fast leaving you to rely on a support member in lieu of your Berserker servant. Our suggestion to mitigate this is to have a Berserker in your main party and support if you know you’re going to battle high level threats with high HP. When one falls…another will rise.

Final Thoughts

Berserkers are powerful units within Fate/Grand Order that can be used as high damage monsters! However, their double damage output is kept in check with their double damage defense which allows them to fall quite quickly, especially if they aren’t given equips to boost their HP or are in lengthy fights. Our final words of wisdom for utilizing a Berserker class is figure out where they can be placed in a roster. If you have them as support use them as a final means of victory or unleash them in the front lines to deal out huge helpings of damage before perishing themselves. How do you use Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order? Do you agree with us or have any other tips/tricks to best use the wild beast servants? Comment below to let us know! For more Fate/Grand Order articles you can count on us here at Honey’s Anime!

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