First Impressions of the Win94 in PUBG

Win94PUBG-1-560x315 First Impressions of the Win94 in PUBG

What You Need to Know:

  • Sniper fans rejoice! Miramar is a sniper’s wonderland as it provides a plethora of hills, ridges and high vantage points to dispose of enemies who find themselves out in the open field. With Miramar being such a dry and desolate area, providing no foliage to scurry to once outside, it creates a strong advantage to anyone who happens to secure a high vantage spot. So once you find a sniper rifle it’s time for you to run out and find the best location to settle, put on your 8x scope and just wait for the prey to enter your sights. Another addition to the sniper family has now arrived and that’s the Winchester 1894, better known as the Win94 in PUBG.
  • This classic lever-action sniper rifle uses no attachments at all and so, it requires a keen eye and a lot of patience to truly master this highly damaging tool. That’s the trade off, remove all attachments but increase it’s stopping power and by the looks of it, the damage seems to lie between that of the Mini14 and the SKS. It’s by no means your Kar98 damage but it certainly packs a very strong punch at mid-range and long range. If you’re lacking a strong assault rifle in your loadout then carrying this around should keep you protected until one’s readily available.
  • The other setback to the Win94 is in its reload time, which is actually slower than that of the R1695 but then again, you’re dealing with 8 bullets as opposed to 6. Either way the Win94 is a weapon you’ll need to be wary of if you find yourself low on ammo because reloading out in the open is an invitation to get killed. Reloading one or two bullets isn’t too bad but the entire 8 requires so much time, so be extra mindful when using it. Aside from that we found ourselves using the Win94 more often than the other sniper rifles in Miramar, simply because of the amount of patience and skill it requires to score a juicy kill. It feels so satisfying.

Win94PUBG-1-560x315 First Impressions of the Win94 in PUBG
The Win94 takes a lot of effort but boy when you get that kill, it's the most satisfying feeling in the world.
Win94PUBG-1-560x315 First Impressions of the Win94 in PUBG
The hard work surely does pay off!