Fortnite Hidden Battle Star Locations - Week 8

The Road Trip might be over, but Season 5 still has a bit to go! You’ll only get one Battle Pass tier from the hidden Battle Stars now since the Road Trip has ended, but you can get other goodies from tracking them down. We’ll walk you through it!

Free Tier Challenges:

  • Place 10 Traps - 5 Battle Stars
  • Search 7 Chests in Wailing Woods - 5 Battle Stars
  • 4 Shotgun Eliminations - 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal 250 damage with a Pickaxe to opponents - 5 Battle Stars
  • Use a rift at 10 different spawn locations - 5 Battle Stars
  • Search between 3 oversized seats - 10 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1-3 Eliminate an opponent at ______ - 10 Battle Stars

Search 7 Chests in Wailing Woods

This place has its own treehouse in the woods vibe and it’s been the chest search location before. There are a lot more chest spawns than there were previously, so don’t feel discouraged. To make quick work of this, there’s an editable house at coordinates J3 that, while appearing to be outside of the location, still counts. The place also has up to 3 chests that can spawn there and is very rarely visited.

Use a Rift at 10 Different Spawn Locations

There are Stone Heads scattered all across the island and each of them typically has a Rift. Locations like the Viking village, Motel, and Dur Burger head also have a Rift by them. You’re not just going to have to hit 10 rifts, but 10 at different locations. Try to keep in mind where you’ve visited before. To hit multiple locations easily try Soaring 50v50.

Search Between 3 Oversized Seats

This Hidden Battle Star is located at D9 on the map. It’s sitting in a patch between the three giant trees overlooking Flush Factory. This will bump your Battle Pass up one full tier like usual so get to tracking it down!

Road Trip Hidden Battle Star Week 8

Landing at the new Tomato Temple and searching the archway wall in the direction the tomato head is looking will yield you a new banner for the Road Trip. Doing all this will net you every collectible this season, so if you want everything, make sure to land and get this. As per usual, prepare to defend against hostiles.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite-Wallpaper-3-560x315 Fortnite Hidden Battle Star Locations - Week 8

It certainly feels like Season 5 is building towards something. What that is we’re unsure of, but we’re looking forward to it. The cube is moving and more clues are left in its wake. What will be the outcome? Do you have any ideas? Tell us in the comments!

Fortnite-Wallpaper-3-560x315 Fortnite Hidden Battle Star Locations - Week 8


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