Fortnite Season 6 META Changes

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, you’ve seen the game go through many changes over its one year plus some change. From the Double Pump to Remote Explosives, the game has had its fair share of aggravating METAs that have irritated yet resigned players to conform to them. Season 6 has brought its own number of balance changes with it. Today we’re going to go in detail as to what has changed when it comes to killing other players in Fortnite.

They Vaulted nearly everything...

Before anyone had even played a single match of Fortnite Season 6, many of the old gear we’d grown accustomed to was gone. Many wouldn’t miss the items like Silenced SMGs and Light Machine Guns, but Bounce Pads were a much needed luxury to escape a dangerous build fight.

The recently released Port-a-Fortress was also removed from the game almost as quickly as it had been released. Standard Impulse nades were also cast aside as well. It’s unclear why this was done, but it has been a noticeable change to floor loot in the game.

Double Barrel + Grapple Hook

High ground has and will always be an important factor in the fights in Fortnite. Once Epic Games realized this, they did several changes to affect how less skilled players can combat opponents adept at taking and retaking it during fights. Port-a-Forts, Bounce Pads and Impulse Nades were a big part of this, as well as the short lived Jetpack. However, the Grapple Hook released in Season 5 is probably the most devastating in build fights against skilled players.

Being able to close the gap instantly combined with the Double Barrel shotgun is almost certain death against an unsuspecting player. You’re instantly in another person’s face before they can react, and the shotgun is a sure kill at close distances. While both also have other uses in mobility and combat, the combination is incredibly powerful on an opponent that believes they have the high ground secured.

SMGs are still dominant

The Submachine Gun has become the only SMG at Common through Rare rarities. This further influences the amount of them in a match at any given time. At one point, only the Tactical SMG was wholly viable in fights and it began at the Uncommon rarity so it had less of a chance to be in an opponent’s inventory. Also the addition of the Compact SMG at Epic and Legendary is still a quick way to stop an escaping enemy trying to build to safety. If you don’t have an SMG in your arsenal you’re at a disadvantage.

What are Chillers for?

The latest trap addition the Chiller places a floor trap that coats anyone’s feet in ice, making them unable to move properly for a period of time. While this is more annoying than anything it also offers increased movement through fast momentum on slopes. Many players are trying to use them in unique ways, but they still aren’t replacement for the missing Bounce Pads.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite-Wallpaper-560x315 Fortnite Season 6 META Changes

As Season 6 goes on, more additions are sure to influence play styles. The new Quad Rocket Launcher could change the game as we know it… or it could just be another novelty that’s quickly forgotten. Only time will tell! What have been your thoughts so far? Looking forward to anything in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments!

Fortnite-Wallpaper-560x315 Fortnite Season 6 META Changes


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