Fuuka: Anime vs Manga

Fuuka, the sequel to Koji Seo's Suzuka, started as a manga in 2014 and received and an anime adaption in the January of 2017. While many anime have differences from the manga they are adapted from, Fuuka is almost an entirely different story depending on which version you look at. Many of the major story elements are changed with have a ripple effect, causing everything from characters acting differently and changing the relationships between the characters. Today, we will be looking at the three major differences between the Fuuka anime and manga. Also, there will be heavy spoilers for both the manga and the anime, so only read on if you don't want to have major story elements spoiled.

Fuuka’s Personality

The first major difference between the manga and anime can be seen in early on with Fuuka herself. In the manga, Fuuka is carefree, impulsive, and wants to make her life have meaning, while in the manga, her traits are simplified and she is given more generic tsundere character traits. Both versions keep Fuuka's magnetic personality and her desire to cut her own path in life, but the changes to her character ultimately cause the anime and manga to have very different tones and outcomes. The manga version of Fuuka shows off her complexities and the way she thinks during her first interaction with Yuu, where she calls him a pervert, but then immediately helps him look for the phone he lost during their interaction. The anime version of Fukka is much colder and just ignores Yuu, giving the viewer the first hint that their relationship will be vastly different in the anime. This coldness towards Yuu carries on throughout the anime, never allowing Fuuka to grow as close to Yuu as she did in the manga and causes her to go her own way at the end of the anime.

The Love Triangle

Both the manga and anime have Fuuka and Yuu confessing their feelings for one another, but the level of importance and the amount of time spent on the romantic side of their relationship is drastically different. Early on in the manga, Fuuka and Yuu turn their friendship into a romantic relationship. In the anime, Fuuka's feelings end up developing too late as Yuu starts dating his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi. After Yuu starts dating Koyuki in the anime, Koyuki starts getting much more screen time and ends up taking over as the main character while Fuuka slides more into the background. During the time Koyuki and Yuu are dating, Fuuka has some of her worst character moments that detract from her overall character and ultimately makes it less satisfying when Fuuka ends up confessing her feelings at the end of episode 12.

The Adventures of Truck-kun

The biggest and most important difference between the anime and manga is about the events that surround the truck that the internet has lovingly named truck-kun. In the anime, Fuuka has a close encounter with a truck on her way to her band's concert, In the manga, however, Fuuka doesn't fair as well with her encounter with the truck and is killed off. This is the last major difference that sets the anime and manga apart and sends the story in two wildly different directions. After learning of Fuuka's death in the manga, the characters all struggle with what they want to do next. Fuuka was the character that dragged them all into the band and each character struggles with their desire to keep the band going, but in the end, they decide to keep the band going in order to honor the memory of Fuuka. The whole incident is especially hard on Yuu and getting over Fuuka's death proves to be his biggest character development moment in the entire series. With the anime keeping Fuuka alive, it misses out on the darker emotions and a reason for the characters to grow, but it does give the characters a more light-hearted struggle that leads to a happier emotional climax.

Final Thoughts

Fuuka is an interesting look at how different people interpret stories and show different forms of storytelling while utilizing the same characters and plotlines. Although the manga and anime are drastically different, both iterations of the story are worth checking out. Both versions excel at different things and they both have their shortcomings he manga stands out with its darker story elements and is much more of an emotional rollercoaster, while the anime gives you a romance anime that digs a bit deeper into the romantic aspects of the manga. Let us know what you think of the Fuuka in the comments below.

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