Fuuto Tantei (Fuuto PI) Review - The Crime-Solving Superhero Duo!

Starting late in the summer and ending as one of the last remaining summer anime continuations. Fuuto PI came in as one of the newest superhero anime in the block. Based on the manga Fuuto Tantei (Fuuto Detectives), Fuuto PI became the anime project that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Franchise. It was also the sequel to the 2009 live-action series Kamen Rider W. The series was packed with action scenes that we would see in most superhero series. Combined with a mystery from solving cases involving the USB-like drive, Gaia memories, Fuuto PI could be considered this summer's superhero series.

It Brought Out the Essence of Kamen Riders In Anime Form

As a sequel to Kamen Rider W and the first Kamen Rider series ever to be adapted into an anime, we wondered whether the anime could bring out the feeling that Kamen Riders brought out to viewers in their live-action series. After all, watching the superhero franchise in anime form and watching it as a live-action series are entirely different regarding production, how the series is being directed, and maybe even how viewers watch them. Could Fuuto PI bring out what Kamen Rider is known for and has lived up to the expectations that its live-action counterparts have set?

As it turns out, Fuuto PI could live up to the expectations and brought out the essence of Kamen Rider and what it was known for. We saw a great dynamic between the characters, a good mix of solving mysteries and action scenes, intense fighting scenes that we have seen in its live-action counterparts, and of course, the transformation scene of Kamen Rider W and all of its forms. It's clear that the creators did what they could to keep the feeling that the franchise brings to their audience.

Great For Old and New Fans Alike

Since it's a sequel to Kamen Rider W, fans new to the franchise might worry about feeling lost or left out. There was nothing to worry though, as new fans could still enjoy the series without even having to watch its live-action counterparts. While they reference the live-action series, the characters already explained it so that new fans won't feel left out. They were mostly explained in the first few episodes, too, so fans can enjoy Fuuto PI as a separate story for the characters.

Long-time fans of the franchise could also enjoy this series as a sequel to Kamen Rider W. To those who watched Kamen Rider W, Fuuto PI brought in nostalgia as if they were watching Kamen Rider W again. At the same time, it can bring a fresh new take to the series by seeing their favorite characters/superheroes in a new adventure. The reference could also be set as a reminder for long-time fans to prepare them to watch the series as a separate story for the characters.

Best to See the Live Action Series First

For a more enjoyable experience, it might be best for fans who haven't seen the franchise to watch the live-action series. Fuuto PI is a sequel, so most of the characters were already fully developed. If new fans want to learn more about our superhero duo, their backstory, character development, and cause, they would have to watch the live-action series.

Final Thoughts

As a 50th Anniversary project for the Kamen Rider franchise, we wondered how this new superhero turned out in anime form. As it turns out, just like with its live-action counterparts, Fuuto PI was filled with jam-packed action and mystery-solving scenes while not losing its audience, and the feeling Kamen Rider brought for its viewers. With how well this series turned out, it was a shame that no one was talking about it. There were still some mysteries left unsolved, too, so we hope the producers can give us a season 2 in the future.

How was Fuuto PI for everyone? Did it live up to your expectations as a superhero series like others, or did you feel differently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”