Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama


garei-zero-DVD2-300x345 Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama

The Anime Spotlight series continues with another great anime that is worth your precious time.
The first episode was action packed and fast-paced. The series never let up, either. This is the first anime that I have binge watched from beginning to end. Nothing has quite caught my attention like that since. I hope it didn't ruin my expectations for future anime.
You can be sure that I'll write up an article for the next series that can engage me from the first minute and never let go until it's over.
But, for now, let me tell you about this exciting, emotionally driven anime that is Ga-Rei-Zero.

What is Ga-Rei-Zero

garei-zero-DVD2-300x345 Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama

This 12 episode series is a prequel to the Ga-Rei manga.
It was developed by AIC Spirits. Some of their other well-known works include: Tenchi Universe, Saint Seiya (2004), Date A Live, and Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (another favorite anime that I recommend).
I would categorize Ga-Rei-Zero under drama, horror, supernatural, and action.

The series centers around the relationship of two female Vanquishers, people with the ability to see and destroy supernatural threats to Japan.
They are both young, especially early on in the show, but as the show progresses they mature and change due to their exposure to horrible circumstances and events caused by the evil spirits.

garei-zero-DVD2-300x345 Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama

Yomi is an orphan who is taken in by the Isayama family after her own had been killed by phantoms. She is raised by Naraku Isayama to become a Vanquisher and the eventual heir of the Isayama clan. She is given a sword that has the ability to release a Spirit Beast.
As years go by, she becomes recognized as one of the government's best Vanquishers and a child prodigy.

She meets a younger girl, Kagura Tsuchimiya, after she suffers a similar fate to Yomi. Her mother was killed by an evil spirit. Her father (a very prominent and powerful Vanquisher himself) then set out to destroy the creature. She was left alone, so the Isayama family decided to take her in.
The two girls develop a strong bond as they grow up and train together.

Their relationship is key to the entire story. They are constantly protecting each other from treacherous relationships from within the clan and from supernatural threats. I don't want to give too much away.
But, at a certain point in the series things fall apart for the two of them and the relationship is forced to its limit and then some.
Then an evil being, that has been masterminding most of the attacks seen throughout the series, steps in at this junction and creates chaos for everyone!

Why You Should Watch

garei-zero-DVD2-300x345 Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama


The very first episode starts out like a typical supernatural anime. Some elite teams are tasked with taking out ghosts, zombie-like creatures, and flaming monsters. Exciting, but pretty typical, right?
Then, out of nowhere, a sword wielding girl in a school uniform completely turns the show on its head. You have no idea what happened and as you are left staring at corpses covering the floor and you hear the crackling of flames from a nearby explosion.

As if that wasn't enough, the catch phrase of this show is: Will you kill someone you love, because of love?

That should give you some indication of the type of choices characters will have to make. The question itself is pretty grim and it isn't exactly clear what its relevance is to the show.
But, it eventually becomes very clear and heart-breaking. This emotional rollercoaster of a show takes you for an incredible journey in just a short amount of time.

Related Media

Unfortunately, the series was concluded in 12 short episodes.
But, the story does continue in manga form. As I mentioned earlier, this story is a prequel to Ga-Rei. The original manga had a run of five years, from 2005 to 2010.
So, I would encourage you to pick it up and start reading (just like I will) if you want to follow the characters as they continue their battle against the supernatural.

garei-zero-DVD2-300x345 Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama

Tokyo ESP

Also, the creator of the series, Hajime Segawa, has another anime titled Tokyo ESP. It has a similar setting with supernatural enemies and people who have abilities to fight and destroy them. Also, it features some weird creatures like flying glowing fish.
I have not seen this one yet, but I plan on checking it out once I get a bit of free time.

As always, I hope to hear your thoughts on the series. Have you seen this anime before?
If not, do you plan on giving it a try?
Are there other anime that you feel were amazing shows but didn’t get a sequel or the attention that the deserved?

Let me know what you think and comment below.

garei-zero-DVD2-300x345 Ga-Rei-Zero Spotlight : Yomi Isayama & Kagura Tsuchimiya's Drama


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