GANGSTA is coming back!

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What You Need to Know:

  • It has been a very hot minute since Gangsta was tearing across our TV and computer screens. The beloved anti-hero series was done by the classic, and now defunct, animation studio Manglobe. Many specualte that due to it's bankruptcy, the popular and beloved anime series received such a poor and incomplete ending. The manga too, went on hiatus right before that.
  • Well ain't nothing better than some good news on this series. The manga is coming back officially! Kurage Bunch, the online publication site that handles the series and publishes manga magazines, confirmed via a retweet on their official twitter, that the series is going to be due to start again in June.
  • It has been almost two years since the manga has been on hiatus. In order to celebrate it, and if you can read Japanese, the Comic Bunch website will allow you to read all 42 chapters for free starting from May 15th and continuing till May 28th. Maybe this then means that we will be getting a another anime season? What studio would you want to animate the series if it gets a second season?

Source: Kurage Bunch Twitter

bee-douche GANGSTA is coming back!
bee-douche GANGSTA is coming back!
Eeeeeee this is the best news ever! I need my sexy handymen back!

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