Get Ready to Swoon With the Sexiest Scenes in Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas)

Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas) was one of our favorites in the Summer 2021 anime season for its compelling plot, enthralling main cast, beautiful backgrounds, and general aesthetic which borrowed from steampunk and vampire lore. It wouldn’t be the same show, though, without the sexiness oozing from the slightest details to full-on orgasmic scenes of getting bitten by vampires. We have picked the scenes that made us wish we were chosen to be marked by a vampire, and now share them with you! Let’s take a look!

5. Domi Tying Up Vanitas (Episode 4)

Well, beauty comes in unexpected places, and we wouldn’t have dreamed that Domi, who doesn’t trust Vanitas one bit, especially at the beginning of the season, would set up such a hot scene in her attempt to capture Noe’s questionable companion. Vanitas is tied on a wheel, threatened by Domi, but we are not scared one bit, rather, aroused. That was a great introduction to these equally hot antagonists over Noe’s heart.

4. Domi and Noe on the Roof (Episode 7)

It’s all about the details in this beautiful, melancholy, and steaming hot scene, where Domi and Noe share a moment on the rooftop. Domi takes control as usual, but Noe’s slightest touch brings her to the edge. When he pulls off her glove and drinks off her hand, it’s clear as day that Domi acts almighty towards him to hide her strong feelings. What’s especially important about this scene is Noe saying Domi’s blood tastes great. We’ve just seen him earlier telling Domi how much he wants a taste of Vanitas’ blood. This does feel like a real love triangle..!

3. Domi Dragging Noe Around (Episode 3)

What’s a childhood friend to you if they don’t tie you up and drag you around? Well, Domi and Noe sure have an interesting way of expressing their unique connection, but we sure didn’t expect such a powerful declaration as Domi straight-up putting Noe on a leash! It’s interesting to see how Domi behaves as she owns him, but as the show progresses, we do see that she harbors deep feelings for him which go unnoticed. Well, we wouldn’t exactly be displeased if Domi picked us for her favorite person to tease and drag around…!

2. Noe Feeding On Domi (Episode 4)

It is clear as day that Domi harbors a crush on her childhood friend, Noe. United by a tragic past, these two are very close already. So, it is not surprising that they also bond through feeding on each other. The scenes between these two are flaming hot, and we do wish Noe was less oblivious towards Domi because they look so good together. This is the first scene where we see Domi and Noe together, while Vanitas eavesdrops outside their room. Again, it’s interesting to see how these three interact, in indirect ways, implying a love triangle.

1. Jeanne Feeding On Vanitas (Episode 4)

This one scene wins the prize. Vanitas gives Jeanne the option to drink his blood if she wants to get powerful enough to save her young master Luca. Jeanne and Vanitas have not been getting along, with Jeanne holding resentment towards the mysterious human living among vampires, with his cocky attitude and questionable morals. The chemistry between the two is intense, though. It gets so hot we wouldn’t want anyone walking into the room while watching these two have what looks like an orgasmic experience.

Final Thoughts

And, there you have them, the hottest, sexiest moments in The Case Study of Vanitas! We are sure you enjoyed revisiting them as much as we did. We know that vampire shows are usually on the sexier side, but The Case Study of Vanitas takes the cake with its sensual depiction of these intimate scenes. We do wish there was a Vanitas x Noe scene too, but with Vanitas keeping the secrets of his past close to his chest, and not allowing him to drink his blood, we don’t hope to see that any time soon.

But, which was your favorite scene of them all? Have we missed any? Let’s discuss in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Vanitas-no-Carte-Wallpaper-2-1-700x495 Get Ready to Swoon With the Sexiest Scenes in Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas)


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