The Compelling Animation of Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas)

Vanitas no Carte is delivering on a lot of levels this season. Comedy? Check. Drama? Check. Steampunk setting, a successful addition to the vampire trope, and good music? Check, check, and check. Though we are in love with many different things about The Case Study of Vanitas, the one we want to talk about today is the animation choices. With vibrance, attention to detail, and no holding back, the animators have delivered a beautiful show! Here are our favorite animation choices in Vanitas no Carte!

Color and Light

Like several other anime in recent years, The Case Study of Vanitas has many different colors and moods, as shown in the clip here. From the illustrations of the brilliant city streets of Paris to the dark night of the blue moon in the vampire world, this show is bold in its use of vivid color and its effects in lighting. Vanitas usually has a very bright palette, but this causes the dimly lit scenes between two people to appear even more exciting.

Obscure and Terrifying Villains

Something we love in a series is a memorable antagonist. In The Case Study of Vanitas, the group known for stealing their prey's names are called the Charlatans. These beings seem neither human nor vampire and have pitch-black bodies with no clear outline. They are seemingly unable to be hit with physical attacks, but they are an organized bunch that can steal a demon's name easily. The clip here has come delightfully creepy moments with the Charlatans, and the animation is no small part of what makes their character.

Landscapes and Scenery

This steampunk setting is primarily in Paris or the world of vampires. We could have put together a whole gallery of the beautiful scenes this anime has, but we will suffice ourselves to make sure we mention it here. Oh, THE DETAIL! Whether it is historic Paris or the red moon-blue moon nights of the world of vampires, the scenery only adds to the story and enjoyment. See here, beautiful Paris!

The Bite Blur

We have saved our favorite for last. The Case Study of Vanitas revolves around vampires, so inevitably, people get bit. This can be because someone is attacking, or it can be to sate hunger in someone who is perfectly sane. Or it can be sexual or romantic. When a slow and intentional bite occurs, the animation blurs for a moment right when the bite happens. This creates that slightly queasy feeling in the viewer, like when you are getting blood drawn, but it is to great effect. The momentary blur of vision raises the temperature a few degrees in this intimate moment, and the scene is even steamier!

Final Thoughts

Of all the things we are living about Vanitas no Carte, the animation is one of the most memorable things about what it has done well. Whether you enjoy the magic and action, or you're simply simping over these recurring bite scenes, we know you are bound to enjoy the emotionally stimulating choices in animation as well. Are you watching The Case Study of Vanitas yet? Is there another moment we should have discussed? Let us know in the comments!

Vanitas-no-Carte-Wallpaper-3-700x393 The Compelling Animation of Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas)


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