Why We're Crushing On Noe from Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas)

This season’s Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas) brings us an original take on the world of vampires through the lens of alchemical formulas and a parallel universe. With a host of beautiful, fascinating characters, it’s definitely something to pick up for fans of suspenseful, historical dramas and vampires! While many of the main characters are colorful and engaging, Noe stands out as a very complex and relatable character. Let’s look at what makes him so special and why we can’t wait to see more!

No Blood, No Problem!

It’s super common for tales of vampires to make a big deal about a vampire’s eternal thirst for blood, always on the verge of falling into temptation. We get it, we’ve tried to hold ourselves back from the second serving of cake, wanting it desperately but knowing we’ll regret it later! But in this world, vampires are not constantly at war with themselves over their desire for blood allowing for more diverse dialogue and situations around the subject matter. Noe himself has a very complex relationship with blood due to his being an Archiviste, a vampire that can see the memories of those he drinks from. Having accidentally invaded very personal memories, Noe feels passionately about consent and privacy and dislikes people who push their will on others. On the other hand, he doesn’t hate his power and sees it as a valuable tool to help others in the right circumstances.

Noe the Mental Health Advocate

While a bit of a joke, one of the funnier moments in episode 1 happens when Vanitas tries to recruit Noe for his incredible speed and fighting skills. We often see disagreements over methods or ideology but Noe’s answer is perhaps the most unexpected yet relatable reason. Vanitas explains that it benefits them both to work together and Noe puzzles as to why he still wishes to refuse in light of this. He then realizes the simple answer of ‘I just don’t like you!’ much to Vanitas’ dismay. Noe worries over what to do, saying it would help his goal but would sacrifice his mental health thus making it psychologically impossible. We all can think of times where it may have benefited us to work with someone or get help from a coworker, classmate, or sibling but the simple matter was we just didn't like them! Never mind that Vanitas seems to be from a rival vampire clan that could threaten his well-being, Noe just thinks the guy is annoying and wants to protect his boundaries. Good for him!

He’s the Ideal Man/Vampire!

Good looks are part and parcel of being a vampire, but Noe’s personality makes him exponentially more attractive! He’s quite the gentleman and also has dear, respected female friends, especially different considering the time period. Noe is also compliant and respectful of local authorities but will not back down in the face of injustice. After being very composed when Count Orlock makes demands and acts haughtily in front of them, Noe destroys the Count’s desk in the blink of an eye and snatches the Grimoire of Vanitas back from him when the Count mentions executing Amelia. While not a fighter, he is quick to lend his strength and is very skilled. He also understands the value of relying on others! And who could resist the charms of a man with a cute cat? Noe is the full package of looks, charm, strength, and sensitivity!

Final Thoughts

A total doll, Noe is someone you simultaneously want to protect and want to be protected by. He’s extremely intelligent, powerful, and kind to everyone until they don’t deserve it. He’s sure of himself and his ideals while being accepting and opening to others so you wouldn’t have to ever worry about who to bring him around! Unless they’re like Vanitas… but at least then you’re in for a fun show! What’s Noe’s most endearing quality in your eyes? Let us know in the comments!

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