Haikyuu!!'s Kiyoko Shimizu Is The Queen of Unpredictability

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Haikyuu!! tugged our hearts with every receive, set, and spike. Karasuno’s men’s volleyball club dominated every tough opponent they’d faced inside the volleyball court. Be it Date Tech’s iron walls, long time rivals Nekoma, or the powerhouse that is Shiratorizawa, they’ve toppled them all. Although Kageyama holds the title ‘King of the Court’, there’s another not-so-secret royalty insight. No, we’re not referring to Oikawa, Seijoh’s ‘Grand King’. We’re talking about Karasuno's ‘Queen’, Kiyoko Shimizu. We’re sure that Hinata and the entire gang agrees with us on this one.

Not only was she Tanaka and Nishinoya’s goddess, she was also a very reliant mentor and senior to Yachi. What had drawn us to Kiyoko, however, was her unpredictability. Just like how she randomly grabbed Suga’s hand that one time.

Making a Banner

Kiyoko had always been an enigma. She was that serious, pretty character that nobody could read. Being someone of few words, she’d been working as the team’s manager on the sidelines. On the other hand, she initially just did what was expected of her. Just before the first round of Interhigh, however, Kiyoko surprised us and the club’s old members with a thoughtful gesture. She fixed an old school banner she found while cleaning and showed it to the whole team. In addition to that, she also gave them a sweet “Do your best.” before leaving the chat--err, group out of embarrassment.

The club’s old-timers even shed buckets of tears from Kiyoko’s gesture. Talk about surprises.

Track And Field Prodigy

When Yachi and Shimizu were bathing in an open-air bath during the Nationals, Kiyoko told Yachi the reason why she was always wearing stockings. Apparently, Kiyoko was a track and field athlete during her middle school days. Not just any mediocre athlete, at that. She specialized in hurdles and her legs were often bruised as a result. She then started wearing stockings to hide her scars and bruises.

Kiyoko also had a chance to prove her skills when Hinata somehow got his bag switched with someone else at the train station. Unfortunately for him, that bag had his shoes. As a result, he couldn’t play during the first part of the match. Kiyoko then chased the other person who got Hinata’s bag. At the end of the day, Shimizu delivered the shoes on time. Plus, we got to see an amazing scene of her in perfect form leaping over the hurdles in a track meet.

Marrying An Eggnog

During the series’ final arc, we got to see how the other Haikyuu!! characters fared as their lives progressed. After Hinata came back to Japan and joined the league, the others got together to watch Hinata and Kageyama’s first official match as professionals. However, they weren’t the star of this article. Suga, Daichi, and Asahi had already met at the stands, but as the saying went ‘The best always comes last.’ Kiyoko arrived with a bald, fierce guy. It was then revealed that she had actually married Ryu Tanaka. That lucky brat!

Final Thoughts

Kiyoko Shimizu is undeniably the real “Queen of the Court”. No, that is not up for debate. We love how her thoughtfulness balanced her enigmatic character. She may not have played with the others, but she has successfully captivated our hearts and at the end of the day it was Tanaka who won in life. Sigh!

Haikyuu-Wallpaper Haikyuu!!'s Kiyoko Shimizu Is The Queen of Unpredictability


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