3 Anime Girls of 2020 that Know How to Keep Boys on Their Toes

Anime babes are much beloved even if you’re not the most avid anime watcher. However, despite there being so many wonderful types of girls, they’re often all assumed to fit into 3-4 stereotypes. While sweet classmates and punkish tsunderes are cute in their own right, we wanted to recognize these three women for their great personalities and important roles for the guys in their lives outside of romance. Super scary when they want to be but incredibly supportive of those close to them, let’s see what makes these 3 anime girls of 2020 so special!

Noi from Dorohedoro – The Healer AND Tank

In the desolate city Hole, residents attempt to carry on their daily lives whilst magic-users come and go leaving death and carnage in their wake. Either for research or testing new powers, the citizens are free game to those deemed superior. Sometimes, residents put up too much of a fight and that’s when ‘cleaners’, special assassins, are called in to remove the trash.

Noi and her partner, Shin, work as cleaners for En, one of the most powerful magic-users who has his hands (and mushrooms) in every pot. While feeling nothing but disdain for En, Noi adores her partner and probably likes making friends as much as she likes challenging battles to the death. Noi has extreme healing abilities and will even heal her opponents to make fights fair. Shin shares her sense of fairness and while more reserved, really cares for her too. Her spunky and competitive attitude is not normal for healing characters, but she’s much more than that! A great friend, rare-type magic-user, concerned stranger, Noi is definitely someone we would want on our side!

Shimizu from Haikyuu!! To the Top! – Cool and Calculating Cutie

Deca-Dence-wallpaper-700x392 3 Anime Girls of 2020 that Know How to Keep Boys on Their Toes

The Karasuno volleyball team continues to climb up the ranks, rising to its former glory. Hinata, Kageyama, Nishinoya, and the other players, aided by their daring coach and senior and junior managers, are faced with all different kinds of opponents standing in their way. With dreams made and lost on the court, everyone is fighting to do their best and bring out the most excellent version of their team.

Shimizu on the surface looks like a classic kuudere, and those glasses and sleek haircut add to her impressive but reserved appearance. She’s often seen shutting down Tanaka and Nishinoya’s harmless advances or requests while trying to help the Karasuno team reach their full potential. Shimizu carefully makes note of each member and is ready to step in with critique or kind actions when morale is low. She is also incredibly sincere and loves the team so much and getting to share this with Yachi, the new manager, reveals an even sweeter and more gentle side of Shimizu that melts our hearts!

Kurenai from Deca-Dence – Woman Without Fear

One man’s world is another cyborg’s game, as the human residents of Deca-Dence are unknowingly living in an environment controlled by a gaming company. While cyborgs use human avatars to fight monsters called Gadoll in no-stakes battles, real humans die actual deaths not knowing that every major battle is scripted for entertainment. Despite the hopelessness of the situation, Natsume may be the key to finally bringing down this corrupt company.

Kurenai, one of the strongest fighters out there, is as beautiful as she is deadly. You’d think constantly spearheading attacks against vicious monsters and seeing constant death would make someone cold and detached but Kurenai is one of the more gentle and considerate people in Deca-Dence. She is passionate about everything she does from fighting, to partying, to caring for her troops. She doesn’t hide her infatuation with Kaburagi but she doesn’t show jealousy to those he’s close to, nor does she try to force people to her will, instead urging them to live their own truths boldly. Few men can keep up with her on the battlefield and even fewer can hope to touch her leadership skills.

Final Thoughts

It’s so nice to see female anime characters with complex roles and personalities. Sometimes originality can suffer when trying to drive home a point especially when the tried and true recipe of dramatic relationships sells so well. But for Noi, Shimizu, and Kurenai, it is their ability to uplift the men in their lives as partners rather than love interests that makes you so invested in their characters. Let us know in the comments which anime girl you’d want on your team!

Deca-Dence-wallpaper-700x392 3 Anime Girls of 2020 that Know How to Keep Boys on Their Toes


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