Harness Your Inner Jackie Chan as Fourth Absolver Combat Style Revealed at E3 2017: Stagger Style!

What You Need to Know:

  • E3 this year started off with a bang with EA and Microsoft, and then Devolver Digital stepped in and went bananas with their showcase. They were excited to reveal the mysterious fourth combat style for the upcoming combat melee combat game Absolver today: Stagger.
  • players can master this savage style later this summer in the game's closed beta and attendees of E3 who have appointments to check out Absolver can try their hand at this difficult and entertaining fighting style.
  • The reveal of the unorthodox and unpredictable combat style follows the recent combat overview of the game's three other combat styles and is showcased in a stunning new trailer, which we'll show you down below! If you're looking to get into the closed beta then be sure to sign up here! Absolver drunkenly punches you on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 29!

Source: Official Tinsley PR Press Release

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Absolver - Stagger Combat Style Video

honeys anime character
Now this is a must have title for anyone who truly loves fighting games! It drops this summer too!

honeys anime character
Online melee game? Let's do it! I'm always down for a little 1 on 1!

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