Here’s Why You Need to Watch Baki Season 2

After years of waiting, the third installment to the Grappler Baki anime based on the manga series by Keisuke Itagaki premiered on Netflix. After successful acclaim and the previous season ending on a cliffhanger, the continuation is anticipated to start within the next few weeks. So, why do you NEED to watch Season 2? But before we get into that, we’d like to give you fair warning that this article gives some spoilers in regards to season 1 of the Netflix series in addition to some future chapters from the manga.

Season 1 Ends on a MAJOR Cliffhanger

For those of you who saw the first season, then you know it ends on a cliffhanger with Baki in China fighting in a new tournament in order to cure the poison in his body. Plus, his girlfriend is in trouble so he needs to save her, too! Of course, manga fans already know what’s going to happen but watching it in anime form just makes it more exciting with how the upcoming action is going to be presented.

Ali, Jr Saga

With Ali, Jr introduced at the end of the previous season, audiences were just getting a small taste of him. If you’ve read the manga, then you know how much his part of the story has much to offer, and watching it in anime is certainly going to feel as fresh as if it’s your first exposure to the character and his story. Like the real life Ali, he is cocky, floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Through this character, you truly feel a unique kind of spirit as if the real Ali were still with us and he adds the appropriate flavor that this crazy series is known to offer with its huge cast. Plus, his fights with Baki and Jack Hamma are certainly going to be treats once they get present on the small (or whatever size you use) screen.

MORE Material to Adapt

If you’re familiar with the Baki manga, it’s collectively as long as Hajime no Ippo and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so it has so much MORE to offer. If JoJo is the acid trip of anime, then Baki is certainly what road rage looks like in anime form. When we say steroids, we’re talking about a combination of the steroids you can get in former Soviet bloc countries and in Guadalajara, Mexico. That’s how symbolically creative the franchise gets in terms of its action and the characters it introduces. If there’s one character hardcore manga fans would love to see in anime form, it certainly has to be Pickle, a caveman brought back after being in suspended animation. Lets say he adds that hidden ingredient of that steroid injection we’re just waiting to pump ourselves with.

This series is no stranger to making fun of politics as well which is something you don’t see in Japanese media, when in fact, it’s a little more discouraged. While we aren’t sure if the anime is going to change it due to recent changes of events, but in the manga, Baki intentionally kidnaps George W. Bush just so he could go to prison to fight the manga equivalent to Che Guevara. And why did he do it? If he’s going to go to jail, might as well make it worth it. If the anime does get around to this, it makes us wonder if it will keep Bush, or change it to Donald Trump. If they do, that would certainly be a treat to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Just like how Dragon Ball Z breaks the laws of physics, Baki does the same and also breaks the laws of the imagination. What you saw in previous installments, was just the beginning of something more awesome and crazier. As the second season to the Netflix series premieres, audiences can finally get exposed to what dedicated manga fans have been seeing for nearly 20 years. With its present voice cast, soundtrack and overall quality, what we’re about to see will satisfy audiences both new and old alike.

BAKI-Wallpaper Here’s Why You Need to Watch Baki Season 2


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