Here's Why You NEED To Watch Enen no Shouboutai!

Shinra Kusakabe is the newest member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. He wants nothing more than to be a hero, even though nobody around him believes he is. With the mystery of the Infernals growing every day, Fire Force Company 8 certainly has a daunting task ahead of them!

Enen no Shouboutai is one of the best shounen from this season, with an interesting story and compelling characters. This story of supernatural firefighters facing an impossible threat to humanity is entirely different from most. We think everyone should give this anime a try, and we’d like to tell you just a few of the reasons why we love it!

Interesting Animation Style

Fire Force is already known by many, thanks to its affiliation with Soul Eater’s style of art. Though it is animated by David Production, Fire Force still retains much of the gorgeous, dark imagery that Soul Eater boasted in its later episodes. The overall design looks more modern. There are plenty of jump cuts at times, often moving abruptly from a character’s face to the ongoing event, but this style somehow works for the anime. The fight scenes are also fluid and beautiful, even while the background scenery is detailed and pretty.

Fun Cast of Characters

Shinra can come off as a bit typical for a shounen protagonist, with his tragic past and an ultimate wish he is striving toward. While several of the other characters also follow standard shounen tropes, they are still entertaining in their own right! Each of the members of the Special Fire Force Company 8 has their own strengths and personality to bring to the team. Shinra adds his own flair to the combat and everyday life of the company, but we also have Maki, Iris, Arthur, Akitaru, and Takehisa to learn more about. And if each of their backstories is as detailed as Iris’, then we are in for a great anime!

Mystery-Driven Plot

In Fire Force, the entire plot moves forward because of the mystery behind what causes Infernals to appear. The various Companies are each tasked with trying to find out how this tragedy occurs, though some groups dedicate more time to it than others. With the additional introduction of new villains who are apparently after something different, it will be interesting to see how this anime plays out!

Action and Questions of Morality Together

As a shounen, Enen no Shouboutai has plenty of action in every episode. Yet it also has depth to it, thanks to the plot driving the action. This is mainly because of the interesting questions the characters must face along the way. As an example, Fire Force Company 8 has already encountered a sentient Infernal, and they must decide whether helping such a being find rest is actually murder, especially when the creature does not want to die. Iris also deals with her own dilemma when facing Hibana, as their shared tragic past led them both to very different fates and beliefs about their faith. As Soul Eater had a lot of depth to its characters and plot, so too does Fire Force.

Final Thoughts

Fire Force still has a long way to go since we’re only a few episodes in at the time of writing. We’re not quite sure where the story will go next, or what Shinra and his Company will discover along the way. What we do know is that we’ve enjoyed the anime immensely so far! The animation style, endearing characters, and interesting combination of action and mystery have made Fire Force one of the best anime of this season!

Are you watching Fire Force? What do you like about this anime series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Enen-no-Shouboutai-Wallpaper Here's Why You NEED To Watch Enen no Shouboutai!


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