Here's Why You NEED to Watch Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte: The Maxim)!

Before its anime adaption in 2014, Kiseijuu was a manga published from 1989 to 1995, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki's skilled pen. It sold millions of copies while it was running, and in 1993 it won the Kodansha Manga Award. In 2014, it finally got an anime adaption that gained a lot of popularity, and other fans of the new generation. The story revolves around Shinichi, your typical high school boy whose life is turned upside down when a parasite enters his body. Failing to subjugate Shinichi's brain, the parasite takes the place of his right hand, and that's the beginning of a real nightmare for Shinichi, who finds himself facing terrifying enemies who eat humans.

Now, without further ado, let's analyze the reasons why you NEED to watch Kiseijuu!

It's Faithful to its Manga Version

This statement could be taken for granted, but it isn't. In fact, how many anime series were ruined because of huge differences with their manga versions? Even though it was published back in the day, and its anime version came only a few years ago, Kiseijuu remains very faithful to the original work. Of course, there are some upgrades, but the reason lies in the fact that the anime doesn't take place in the time of the original manga's publication. Therefore, in its anime version, people have smartphones and tablets, but this makes the show more relating to our days, without altering a single thing in the original plot.

The Story is Complete

Remember that bad feeling of an anime with an open ending, that you must interpret the way you like? Now forget it, because Kiseijuu is complete. Since its publication ended many years ago, the anime version was entirely adapted from the beginning to the end, in 26 episodes full of action and dramatic turn of events. With a clear and definite ending, each viewer can taste that feeling of satisfaction that only complete stories – all the more when the epilogue is worth it – can give.

The Plot is Solid

The thing that makes Kiseijuu one of the most beautiful works created so far is a plot that doesn't leave any room for taking a breather. From the moment Migi – the parasite – subjugates Shinichi's right hand, there's an escalation of events keeping the viewers glued to the screen. There's a crescendo of action, as we see Shinichi evolve and fight, while still trying to stay human. There aren't plot holes, nor stretches; the plot unfolds starting from an A point, making its way toward the B point, without straying for even one moment. Kiseijuu's plot stays congruent from the beginning to the end, and it wields everything a viewer expects from an anime: a wonderful soundtrack, friendship, love, and a coherent ending.

It Debates Important Topics

Another important reason as to why you really NEED to watch Kiseijuu is that it debates very important topics. In fact, the theme of an alien race which is striving to survive on another planet is debated while considering the hardships of both, aliens and humans. Initially, Shinichi can't seem to understand Migi's way of acting, nor his lacking of emotions, and vice versa, Migi can't understand human emotions. Step by step, though, Shinichi and Migi manage to build a sincere relationship of mutual trust, so much so that both of them begin to consider the other as a “friend”. It's easy to hate what is “different”, in this case, the aliens trying to destroy humankind. Kiseijuu manages, as the story unfolds, to make the viewers understand the parasites' point of view, turning the tables. Aside from friendship, which is the most important topic in Kiseijuu, another important theme is the importance of bonds. Shinichi will face the losses of important people while understanding that the peace, and the “normality” of his previous life can't be taken for granted.

Final Thoughts

We think we gave you enough reasons to watch Kiseijuu! As the manga is one of the best ones out there, you could try to catch up. You'd still be able to enjoy both the versions, anime, and manga, as you will notice all the upgrades the anime got to adapt to modern days. Fans of action and good stories keeping you with bated breath, Kiseijuu is the show for you! See you next time!

Kiseijuu-Sei-no-Kakuritsu-Parasyte-Capture-560x315 Here's Why You NEED to Watch Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte: The Maxim)!


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