Hetalia World Stars First Impressions: The Quippy Quickie We Needed

Hetalia World Stars is the newest addition to the Hetalia family. Like previous seasons of this show, it features characters that are representative and named for the different countries of the world. Their likes, dislikes, and actions all stem from the culture and relationships between other nations

Fans of Hetalia have long enjoyed the wit and humor in this series, and the newest season does not disappoint! If you have not watched Hetalia yet, Axis powers helps introduce the premise, but content-wise, you do not need any preceding information to jump into World Stars. Let’s check out what you can expect in this season!

Everyone Loves a Mini-anime

We might not always have extra time to fit anime in with our busy lives (we hear some people are like that anyway), but we all can find a few minutes. Luckily enough, that’s all we need! Like other seasons of Hetalia, this new World Stars series has short episodes that satisfy the need for cute and silly together! Kick back for a few minutes and get ready for some silly countries, just trying to get along.

Our Favorite Characters are Back!

Italy is as good-natured as ever and begins the season by arriving to a meeting late. Of course, Germany and Japan were early to the meeting, and while we don’t know when America came, America’s loud personality lets everyone know they’re there! While Russia does not have much to say, they have a presence that lets everyone know they mean business. All the cute characters are just too much!

Adorable Cliches Continue

Culture is a massive theme in Hetalia World Stars, so we wanted to take a moment to appreciate those moments from this season’s opening episodes. Our old favorites, Canada enjoying not being forgotten and America’s big personality hogging the scene, are there and in full action. Russia is still there too, making ‘friends’ with smaller nations, like the Czech and Slovakians, by hugging them and not letting go until 1989. If you liked any other season of Hetalia, you’re going to get a kick out of World Stars.

Adorable Message of Unity

So far this season, we have been able to enjoy Japan and China fawning over cute things, though separately. And America and Japan both get excited about their branded “go” rangers. Other seasons of Hetalia have shown countries doing different activities together, but this throw to more recent popular culture has been very kawaii!

The ending theme drives this message of unity home with, “No one’s above or below, that’s right because the Earth is round!”

Final Thoughts

For a history lover or someone that likes a gag-esque anime, Helatia World Stars hits the mark. The episodes are quick, the historical and pop-culture references are steady, and it does not do a disservice to previous seasons. Though there are only a few episodes out so far, it has been well worth watching so far! Have you watched this title? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Hetalia-World-Stars-Wallpaper-1-357x500 Hetalia World Stars First Impressions: The Quippy Quickie We Needed


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Hetalia-World-Stars-Wallpaper-1-357x500 Hetalia World Stars First Impressions: The Quippy Quickie We Needed

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