Highlights of the Battle Between Crazy Duos - Karasuno vs Inarizaki (Haikyu!! To the Top 2nd Season)

The battle between Karasuno High and Inarizaki High is about to end, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s been one hell of a match. Both teams possess strong will to win, as well as members to make it happen. Although neither can be called perfect, both of them more than deserve to be called a powerhouse. More so, both teams have something in common -- a monstrous duo that are worthy of being called trump cards. For Inarizaki, it’s the Miya twins. For Karasuno, it's the Kageyama-Hinata tandem.

Here are the greatest moments during the match.

5. Miya Atsumu’s Low Set

Volleyball is a team sport. That much should at least be established at this point. That said, each player standing on the court plays an important role to score every point. That means the libero, among the other members, must bring the ball to the setter. The setter must give the ball to the spiker, and the spiker must score. It seems easy enough, but the players’ love for the game easily shows during this sequence.

Miya Atsumu’s love was shown when he still opted to do a two-handed set rather than a dig. Yes, we’re referring to when he was given a very low ball that he had to literally squat just to get under it. Still, he managed to make a beautiful set to Osamu, thus scoring a point.

4. Tanaka’s Cut Shot

Tanaka has been having a hard time during this match. If not for him being him, he would have already broken down both physically and mentally. This was even shown when he got afraid to attack. This was basically because his spikes kept getting blocked. At that point, he only had two options: breakthrough or break down. He achieved the former and managed to do an impressive cut shot that will even leave Bokuto in awe.

3. Suna’s Upper Body Control

Haikyuu!! doesn’t lack amazing spikers. Heck, with Bokuto, Miya Twins, Hinata, and a lot more, it’s basically filled with monstrous high schoolers. In order to at least be part of a list like this, it should at least be borderline fantasy. Suna’s control of his core and upper body is just that. The way he managed to manipulate Tsukishima and spike his way around him allowed him to score a lot for Inarizaki. More so, we just love his sass.

2. Hinata’s Super Receive

It’s no secret that Hinata’s jumping prowess is damn great. However, it’s also no secret that he’s quite mediocre in all other aspects that doesn’t involve jumping. On the other hand, that only means he has more room for improvement, and that he did. When Aran spiked Osamu’s mind-boggling set, everybody believed that Karasuno would have lost. Just then, Hinata came to the right position at the right time and returned the ball, making every Haikyuu!! fan out there, us include, scream in glee!

1. Miya Twin’s Super Quick

You’ve reached this part of the article and are probably wondering why there’s no Kageyama-Hinata entry on this list. Well, we have a reason for that. Karasuno’s Freak Quick is already a given for all of us. We mean, everybody already knows what they can do. It’s no longer surprising. What’s surprising, however, is when the Miya twins imitated this same insane quick not just once, but multiple times. We were already in awe the first time we saw it, but what this entry refers to is when Osamu was the one who set the ball. Atsumu is the team’s setter, but Osamu still managed to pull off an amazing set. Vice versa, Atsumu also managed to pull off such a quick spike despite being a setter and impromptu imitating a freakish technique.

Final Thoughts

This match has sent us into a roller coaster of feelings. There’s been multiple points wherein we switched sides, and we don’t even regret it. Both teams have great backgrounds and equally deserve to win. But at the end of the day, only one team can proceed to the next round. Karasuno may have toppled Inarizaki, but both teams are winners in our hearts.

Haikyu-To-the-Top-2nd-Wallpaper-1-700x392 Highlights of the Battle Between Crazy Duos - Karasuno vs Inarizaki (Haikyu!! To the Top 2nd Season)


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