[Honey's Crush Wednesday] Hitomi Mishima from Hinamatsuri

How Do I Tell Them No?

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: April 2018 - June 2018
  • Producers: feel

Hinamatsuri Preview (No Spoilers)

Yoshifumi Nitta is a yakuza and he has gotten far in the organization he works for. One night, a strange pod appears with a human face sticking out of it. After asking him to push a button, he does, and a girl pops out. Her name is Hina. Soon, Nitta’s life is transformed from ordinary to anything but. Hina starts to live with him, but she gets bored from time to time, and after seeing it on the TV one day, she decides that she wants to go to school. There, she meets some interesting classmates, but it is none other than Hitomi Mishima, a girl who means well, that our story really takes off. Hina is a slacker and that means that Hitomi has to pick up that slack to help… Sadly, or hilariously, that is not what happens to Hitomi...

Hitomi Highlights

1. She Just Can’t Say No

One of the first things you notice about Hitomi is that she is very concerned about Hina’s lack of composure and worldly-knowledge. This means that Hitomi volunteers to help her out. But when Hitomi gets cornered for being in a bar and blackmailed to work, she agrees to help rather than going to the police.She ends up with a long list of jobs that are offered to her by clients of the bar and she just cannot turn any of them down. This means she needs a place when she moves out, so Utako strongarms her into signing a lease that is 1500 a month on discount!

2. Hitomi Is the Perfect Bartender

Thankfully for us, Hitomi is the perfect bartender. She not only has looks and grace, Hitomi has real skills as a bartender. She can make you a stiff drink or your favorite with relative ease. She listens to all of your problems and rather than judging you, Hitomi will give you sound advice that usually is something like “but are you being true to yourself?”. She also knows her place and is able to keep up a farce as evidenced by when her principal and homeroom teacher walk into the bar while she is working, recognize her, and then deny it.

3. The Tongue Thing Starts With Hitomi

If you have seen a few episodes of Hinamatsuri then you know that they have a very funny way of expressing shock. All characters do the same thing, but it started with Hitomi. When she was blackmailed into working at the bar, she pops her mouth open in shock and it ends up being something where her tongue arches up to the top of her mouth… and you know what… just go watch some episodes and you’ll get it.

4. Hitomi Has a Bright Future

Hitomi may be a pushover, but Hitomi will have a very bright future. The girl is hardworking and as long as that work ethic does not put her into the ground early, she already has massive connections that will get her a job anywhere. Her own mother, when Hitomi wants her to expose her, will not because of the essential connections that she has made.

5. She Can Sleep Standing Up

While not necessarily a highlight, Hitomi is a good friend. After befriending Hina, she has no clue who Anzu is and befriends her as well. Rather than cancel plans on the homeless Anzu, after working all night, Hitomi goes and meets with Anzu to play in the park. Beyond exhausted, she ends up falling asleep standing up. This is a critical skill that will aid her in the future when she does corporate mergers.

Final Thoughts

Hinamatsuri has been a wild ride this season with its diverse characters, strage esper powers, and larger than life reactions. We are loving the characters from it for different reasons, but it really is taking us on a journey to a new level of comedy we didn’t know we needed, but desperately want more of. We want more of Hitomi and want to know when the false protagonist is going to get her own show! Are there other characters that you are loving from Hinamatsuri? Be sure to let us know down below. Till next time!

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