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Singapore, Singapore

Have you watched Sora Yori mo tooi Basho, otherwise known as A Place Further than the Universe? If you have, you know the girls had to travel a bit before going to Antartica. In episode 6, the girls have a layover in Singapore, Singapore—if you didn’t know, it’s the name of the city and country!—where the girls disembark for some fun before flying out to Australia. If you thought the city looked interesting in Sora Yori mo tooi Basho—as well as in the popular movie Crazy Rich Asians—then we here at Honey’s Anime are here to talk about this beautiful city in South East Asia!

Singapore Info

Location Singapore, Singapore
Cost of Admission Singapore is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, but when it comes to being a tourist, it’s actually quite average compared to the likes of the US, Japan, or parts of Europe. As a big business hub, flights tend to be quite reasonable to go to Singapore and hotels are moderately priced (unless you want to stay at the Marina Bay Sands). Even train tickets are quite cheap compared to the Tokyo subway, New York subway, or even the London tube.

The Experience

Singapore has a reputation for being one of the cleanest cities in the world, and for good reason. There is a high penalty for littering and certain irreputable actions, but thanks to that, the city is pretty immaculate and a great tourist destination for those who want to go to South East Asia but don’t enjoy getting down and dirty.

You’ll fly into Changi Airport, which has been voted as the top airport in the world numerous times. Many of the tourist attractions are reachable by using the MRT, but taxis are also quite convenient and cost effective if you prefer traveling by taxi.

Major tourist attractions include the Singapore Botanic Gardens (the only botanical garden in the world to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens By the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Zoo, Clarke Quay, Orchard Road, Night Safari, Esplanade, and the Merlion. Of course, there are many more attractions still, but these are the major ones that people flock to Singapore for. The Marina Bay Sands especially is well known as a tourist attraction as an exceptionally tall hotel with the longest elevated infinity pool in the world, which you can only swim in if you are guest, but you can order a drink at the bar if you book a tour of the Marina Bay Sands. Depending on your itinerary, you can arrange a trip to Singapore to last either 2 days or even a week!

Along of the Marina Bay Sands, the girls of Sora Yori mo tooi Basho made sure to take a picture with the notable Merlion. The Merlion is known as the mascot of Singapore and is located near The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and across a walkway from the Esplanade, an opera house designed to look like a giant durian. Speaking of durian, this is a well known fruit around the world notable for its large spikey exterior and distinctive odor, but it is also a popular fruit in South East Asia so you will see it at fruit stalls in Singapore. Make note: You cannot bring durian on the MRT!

Singapore is also a huge foodie capital! As a country with a mix of people from all sorts of ethnicities, you have a lot of different cultural foods and fusion foods that really represents the people as a whole. You can go to a hawker centre to try any of the local cuisines. Singapore also has a food stall that has earned a Michelin star if you’re interested in Michelin star restaurants as well. If you aren’t interested in any local fanfare, it’s easy to try many chains from all over the world in Singapore at any of the shopping centres.

Additional info

Singapore is more developed than many other countries in South East Asia, so it’s much easier traveling around Singapore than in say, Laos. The MRT is convenient, but make sure to bring Singaporean Dollar to pay for the MRT as credit cards are not taken. Credit cards can be used, however, at many restaurants and shopping areas, which is very convenient for those who prefer using cards. Just make sure your card won’t charge you a foreign transaction fee!

Major languages spoken in Singapore are Mandarin and English, but you will hear many different languages spoken in Singapore thanks to the diverse backgrounds including an amalgamation of all the languages into a sort of slang language called Singlish, which you may not understand very easily at first.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for all of the camera ops, loose fitting clothing, sunglasses (the sun is blinding in Singapore), and sunscreen (if you care about your skin).

Final Thoughts

Singapore is a country that has seen great change in the last 50 years. While the city of Singapore changed from a jungle to the metropolitan, shining city that is is now, it is growing as a tourist destination for many. If you love traveling, Singapore may be on your list of destinations to go to, especially after seeing it on Sora Yori mo tooi Basho. Hopefully our Anime Hot Spot was able to give some insight on what to expect from this wonderful South East Asian country!

Have any of you readers been to Singapore before? Are you planning to go? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! Once again, thank you for tuning in here at Honey’s Anime. Until next time!

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