[Honey's Crush Wednesday] Hina From Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri-Hina-crunchyroll [Honey's Crush Wednesday] Hina From Hinamatsuri

This Is What Being a Real Woman Feels Like

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: April 2018 - June 2018
  • Producers: feel

Hinamatsuri Preview (No Spoilers)

Yoshifumi Nitta is a yakuza who is very good at his job. That is till one night when a strange pod appears with a human face sticking out of it. After asking him to push a button, he does and a girl pops out. Hina is her name and she happens to be like no other human. In fact, we don’t know quite what she is, but she has esper powers. He tells her to stop using them, but she ends up going wild because she does not use them. Thus their life begins.

Hina Highlights

1. She’s an Esper

Hina is incredibly dangerous and yet fun at the same time. She has these powers that can be super helpful like with doing dishes or moving heavy objects. The problem is that for some reason, she cannot think for herself and this ends up being something where she not only poses a danger for Nitta but for those in like a mile radius. Her powers end up running wild the moment she does not use them, at least for the first few episodes that is. Not to mention too, Hina wipes out an entire Yakuza officer for Nitta like it was nothing.

2. She LOVES Ikura (Salmon Roe)

Fish eggs are something that some people turn their noses up to as they do not understand their nutritional value nor deliciousness. Hina does understand this though and does not miss an opportunity to dive in. Thankfully though, this provides motivation for her to do things for Nitta. He uses it as a hilarious bargaining chip to get her to do things.

3. Hina Is Incredibly Ignorant of the Ways of the World

We don’t really know where Hina was before she arrived on Earth. We know it was some sort of lab/world where she was utterly terrifying, but other than that, nothing is really revealed by her, Anzu, and Mao. She has no idea what ikura is when she is shown it, but she immediately recognizes that this is something good. In fact, she doesn’t even understand things like school or clothes which makes for a great laugh every time.

4. She’s The Perfect Boke (Idiot)

If you know anything about Japanese comedy, then you know that there is a style called manzai which uses two characters going back and forth. One is the boke or idiot and the other is the tsukkomi or straight man whio trips up the boke. Hina is the perfect boke as Nitta is her Tsukkomi. She always tries her best though, even if we would consider her best to be barely there at all.

5. All in All, She Means Well & Learns

Hina may be ignorant and has to rely on the help and kindness of others, usually to the horror of Hitomi as she leans on her or Nitta as Hina does something else to inconvenience him, but she does try. Well… except for class. Forget that mess. Hina tries very hard to make things up to Nitta when she messes up which ends up being hilarious for the viewer. She also tries to do things like change the rules for school by running for student council, but when she cannot be president, she just gives up and Hitomi gets dragged in to do it. However other than that, Hina does try especially to please Nitta.

Final Thoughts

Hinamatsuri may be drawing to a close, but the impression that this ignorant yet hilarious psychic/esper is leaving on us will be around for seasons to come. While she may be violent at times with her powers and ridiculous at others with her failure to follow common logic, Hina makes us laugh. Hina is a good example of a character who really is made to exemplify what she starts out as. Very little growth is made, but it does make for a good laugh when she reverts every single time. Are there other characters that you are loving from Hinamatsuri? Be sure to let us know down below. Till next time!

Hinamatsuri-Hina-crunchyroll [Honey's Crush Wednesday] Hina From Hinamatsuri


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