How Anime Can Inspire Your Future Career

Anime can do many things for its audience. People find themselves motivated to try out new food dishes, travel to new locations, and even try to better themselves with activities like exercising. We often will find videos on YouTube where people take the challenges of All Might or Saitama and try to work out to their daily regimen! However, have you ever thought that anime could inspire even more in your daily life? We here at Honey’s Anime believe that anime can inspire even your future! Yes folks, we believe anime can help you choose what your future career might be!

Artists Wanted!

Many anime viewers start off at younger ages watching series like Pokémon and/or Digimon and begin to doodle their favorite characters/creatures. Parents might see this as a simple hobby but, what if it goes even further? A lot of creators/artists will often tell the world that they were inspired by anime to draw. In the end, anime can sometimes lead to future artists that might go onto find their doodles become the next beloved anime hero/heroine!

Movie Directors Raise Your Hands!

Did you know that several movies in the West that seem to have nothing to do with anime were inspired by anime? Rian Johnson—director of Looper—admitted to using a well-known anime movie by the name of Akira as his muse. Even the Wachowskis—The Matrix creators—used the concept of Ghost in the Shell to sell their movie to the producers! Needless to say, there are a plethora of movies that seem to link with anime and in our minds, this proves anime inspired directors to make their dreams come true.
Teachers Welcome!

In Japan, there are a lot of foreigners who have come from other countries with dreams of living in the world from anime and they accomplish it by becoming teachers! We’ve talked to numerous fans of anime at conventions and online who went to Japan to teach English classes solely because of anime. Not only does becoming a foreign teacher help others in learning a new language but it helps one get that much closer to where anime originates from. It’s a win-win in our books!

Voice Acting!

Aside from the usual debates of what’s better, sub or dub, did you know that many voice actors went for that career due to anime? Not only here in America but even in Japan, numerous voice actors have talked about growing up with shounen series like Dragon Ball Z and wished to voice these iconic characters. Voice acting isn’t the easiest profession to get into as the competition can be tough but anime inspires people to go for it regardless of the challenge. Be like Deku from Boku no Hero Academia readers out there! Regardless of the challenge, we sometimes need to rise above to make our dreams into realities!

Final Thoughts

The beauty of anime is the inspirations we get from it whether it’s obvious or not. Anime hits us in the heart when we watch a touching scene and pushes us to seek out futures we never even knew we wanted. That is why we love anime, it can do so much more than provide just simple entertainment. Anime can change our lives and we welcome change just like you readers should too! Has anime ever inspired you in some strange way? Comment below to let us know and keep stuck to our inspiration hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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