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Winter 2021


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The joy of living like an idol.
Anyone who aims for that is bound to shed tears and sweat, and sometimes even blood. But, despite all of that, they will continue aiming to become an idol.
Everyone wants to shine and make a living from it. Everyone wants to become number one and make their fans happy. Everyone wants their dreams to come true and everyone wants to prove doubters wrong. Everyone wants to show that they can do it and they want people to support them. Everyone wants to overcome all hardships that will come their way. The resolve to become an idol is the only thing on their mind...
No one gets thrown into the spotlight from the beginning. Everyone starts off weak, and only the strongest person - those who don’t give up - will reach the top. This is a painfully passionate story about the girls who are willing to persevere through the harsh challenges reality throws at them to realize their dream of becoming an idol.

Characters & Voice Actors

Mana Nagase: Sayaka Kanda

Despite idol groups being what’s popular, Mana who’s just as skilled as Kotono, is working as a solo idol. She’s very considerate of her fans and she always tries to do better than yesterday. There is something about her that attracts people and once you've seen her live, they say you won’t forget who she is. They call her a miracle, and she has no intention of stopping until she reaches the top.
Kotono Nagase: Miku Tachibana

Kotono is a lonely idol who has big regrets in her past. She was never the type to have many friends, but because of an incident in the past, she made an effort to cut off ties with people. Ever since, she has put all her energy into her idol activities, and she always practices alone.
Sakura Kawasaki: Mai Sugano

Sakura is an innocent girl who makes sure to value the normality of everyday life. Past experiences have taught her to be sensitive to those around her, and she is the gentle type of person who will be with you if she notices you need it.
Rei Inochise: Meko Yuuki

Rei is in last year of high school and she loves dancing. She has strong intentions to improve and she absolutely hates losing. Because of her strong sense of professionalism, her logic sometimes comes off as her trying to push her opinion on other people and thus arguments are bound to happen.
Ibuki Nagisa: Kokona Natsume

Nagisa is a kind idol who values her friends a lot. Her smile immediately lights up the room. She admires how Kotono is so honest with herself, and eventually they become best friends. Nagisa decided to become an idol so she can support Kotono.
Haruko Saeki: Nao Sasaki

Haruko is a beautiful, cool girl but her personality is plain and she has yet to bloom as an idol. She debuted a few years earlier, but as nothing came out of it she has gone through quite some hardships since. She thinks she might not actually have the skills to be an idol, but even so she is fighting hard to make her dream come true.
Saki Shiraishi: Koharu Miyazawa

Saki is a clear headed girl who has devoted all her time to her younger sister up until now. She’s a perfect student and even the head of the student council at school. Aiming to become an idol was the first time she derailed from the path of a perfect girl.
Chisa Shiraishi: Kanon Takao

Chisa has always lived in the shadow of her sister. She’s not confident and is quite a coward. Since her sister has always protected her, she has the complete opposite personality of her and is very introverted. She wanted to join the agency in order to change and find a new side to herself.
Suzu Narumiya: Kanata Aikawa

Suzu is from a rich family, but a bit of a clutz who gets teased quite a lot. However, she’s quite rude and she has an arrogant attitude but despite that she’s not disliked but rather quite liked by her surroundings. She got involved in some troubles though, so in a sort-of escape, she joined Hoshimi Productions.
Mei Hayasaka: Moka Hyuuga

Mei is a playful, unpredictable girl. She lives life completely based on instinct and she never feels hesitant or shy around people. She is however very caring and gentle, so she knows how to be close to people.
Shizuku Hyodo: Yukina Shutou

Shizuku is a huge idol geek. She normally hides in the shadows but when the topic of idols comes up she starts talking really fast. Within the idol fandom, even the older, old-school fans know who she is and even admire her devotion.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”IDOLY PRIDE" by Hoshimi Production
  • Ending Song: ”The Sun, Moon and Stars" by Hoshimi Production
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yoshiki Mizusumi / Kaoru Adachi / Jukki Hanada (Original Idea) / Project IDOLY PRIDE (Original Creator)
  • Director: Yu Kinome
  • Series Composition: Ryuya Takahashi
  • Character Design: QP:flapper (Original Idea) / Sumie Kinoshita
  • Animation Director: Lerche

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