Inside/Limbo Combo Pack Out Now!

What You Need to Know:

  • Acclaimed independent developer Playdead and publisher 505 Games announced the INSIDE+LIMBO Double Pack is available now at retailers in North America, and will be available in Oceania, Germany and Austria on Thursday, Sept. 14, with a full roll-out to retailers in Europe on Friday, Sept. 15.
  • The special edition release, priced at $29.99, includes the full games for the renowned 2D puzzle platformer INSIDE and black-and-white puzzle platformer adventure LIMBO, as well as collectors’ items including a limited run poster and art card.
  • Scroll down below to check out the latest trailer!

Source: Official Press Release

Official Trailer

Inside+Limbo Double Pack Retail Launch ESRB T+M 1080p

honeys anime character
Limbo is such a classic puzzle adventure!! I really fell in love with it the moment I started playing.

honeys anime character
Inside was great also and both really provided such a profound immersive experience.

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