Is 22/7 The Sleeper Music Anime of the Season!?

Fans of anime centered around musical themes and concepts have gotten some truly remarkable series in the last decade. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Hibike! Euphonium, and Tari Tari are only a few series that come to mind that truly kept us interested in the music genre for the last few years. Recently, though, an idol anime took us by complete surprise in the form of 22/7 which really seems to be quite an intriguing series. That made us wonder if 22/7 was the sleeper music series of the current season. Let’s discuss some elements of 22/7 that make it so enjoyable and why you shouldn’t be sleeping on this anime!

All For One, One For All

Idol anime tends to send a powerful message to those who desire the extremely tough but rewarding life that being an idol offers. Ultimately, while you might seek to be number one on stage, your fame and skill can only truly help your team succeed. Basically, a team is stronger when all the idols remove their individual desires and try to become a single entity on stage. 22/7 excels at teaching this lesson to the viewer and makes for a heartwarming story to boot.

Idol Heaven

There’s a reason why anime fans go to war with one another: waifu. If you’re one of those viewers who loves to pick and choose the best waifu from a series, then you’ll love 22/7 as it has a plethora of nice anime girls to choose from. You can choose between girls like Nicole Saito who is hardworking and truly passionate about learning her idol craft and/or Miu Takigawa who is cute, shy and all too adorable. Just be ready to defend your waifu as there are plenty of fans of 22/7 who are willing to do the same!

Realistic Themes

One thing that stands out above the rest when it comes to 22/7 is the fact that these characters feel so relatable. Each idol has a deep background that is slowly revealed through the series and each tale has the potential to resonate with the individual watching. Not too many idol series grab you by the heart and echo your own tale or own struggles in life.

Lovely Sound and Lovely Visuals

22/7 wins a lot of brownie points in our minds here at Honey’s Anime for not only being animated well but filled to the brim with amazing idol tunes. The character models look incredibly detailed and almost real while the soundtrack will hit your eardrums and make you sing out loud in any private—or public—setting. 22/7 looks incredible and sounds even better, which makes it stand out against the sea of idol anime out there.

Final Thoughts

22/7 is an amazing idol anime series that stood out for so many reasons we couldn’t name them all in one singular article. Did you watch 22/7? Comment below to let us know what you love about the series—such as your favorite tune or idol—and we’ll discuss with you our thoughts as well! For even more anime related articles be sure to keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

22-7-Wallpaper-500x495 Is 22/7 The Sleeper Music Anime of the Season!?


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