Is Anime Forgotten Too Quickly?

Anime has its fair share of classics like Cowboy Bebop, Ranma ½ , Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, and the list only goes on. However, recently we here at Honey’s Anime noticed an interesting change in anime viewers. Each season that releases gives us otaku dozens of new shows—this season alone we have more than ten great shows airing—and that has been the reoccurring trend for the last several years. While we get more and more anime is that making us forget the anime that came before? Sure some series stick like Re:Zero, One Piece, and other long-lasting anime but are we forgetting some great anime with each passing season?

Isekai Overload!

Isekai has been one of those genres that seem to only grow in popularity with new series popping up like So I’m a Spider, So What? and Jobless Reincarnation. Yet, if we asked you—without looking it up—to name several isekai from the last few seasons could you? The simple truth is this folks, some genres are overloading the anime world making it quite difficult to remember all of them!

There have been some incredible isekai as of late—as we mentioned Re:Zero—but equally, there have been a few that just failed to leave a big impression. When shows like In Another World With My Smartphone release it can be almost impossible to remember against a titan isekai such as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. It's understandable that when a genre gets flooded with new shows—which happens with a majority of anime genres—that it can be quite hard to remember the lesser shows or the ones that fail to leave that lasting mark.

Flood the Market

We mentioned this once before but anime releases at a truly remarkable rate. Studios everywhere struggle to meet deadlines due to the intense pressure needed to release episodes out to the public. Besides flooding our senses with anime—which isn’t a bad thing in times like current—it creates an issue with too many anime and not enough worthy of true excellence.

You can argue that there are dozens of recent anime like Haikyuu!! or Mob Psycho have put their mark in the halls of anime greats but did you forget about anime like Banana Fish, Rainbow and/or Grand Blue? Folks, let’s all realize that while some anime has forever burned itself into our memory banks other series just get washed away admits the tidal wave of new seasonal anime.

Where the Classics Fade

Pop quiz, how many of you can describe series like Samurai Champloo or Mushishi? We bet the older anime fans can without hesitation but newer ones won’t have a clue. This isn’t a hard idea to understand, being a newer anime fan means you’ve seen more recent anime. However, as anime advances to levels we only dreamed of, classic anime tends to become just that…classic.

Like technology, anime tends to get surpassed as time goes. Series like Trigun fall behind compared to newer anime like Blood Blockade Battlefront or Bungou Stray Dogs. Anime classics will be forever loved by those who have come before but like all TV shows, time will pass them by and they will fall victim to just being from a different era.

Old vs New

As we noted above, anime has come a long way from the 90s and before. With newer ways of developing art and animating processes, anime has changed dramatically. Jujutsu Kaisen, for example, can’t be compared to series like Shaman King, even if both are shounen and deal with supernatural themes. One is over a decade old and the other only a few months now. Akin to new video games, anime doesn’t always age well and if you compare it to the newer stuff you realize that it’s a bit hard to sell a series from the 80s to now.

Final Thoughts

Anime is constantly being released seasonally in greater numbers and that has caused us to quickly jump from one series to the next. Is this a bad thing? Inherently no but we do hope that people don’t forget that for every new-age work there is a past title that led to that current creation! Do you readers agree with us? Comment below to let us know! For even more anime discussion articles keep stuck to our never sleeping hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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Author: Aaron

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