"I've Been an Otaku Since Middle School", ANiUTa’s second interview with Artist of the Month Ayaka Ohashi it’s Up!

banner-aniuta-artist-of-the-month-ayaka-ohashi-week2-500x185 "I've Been an Otaku Since Middle School", ANiUTa’s second interview with Artist of the Month Ayaka Ohashi it’s Up!

What You Need to Know:

  • In interview two, ANiUTa delves into a discussion where Ayaka Ohashi tells us in her own words about the path that led her here. First of all, what was her childhood like?
  • “As a child actor, I appeared on TV and on stage a few times. Maybe rather than saying I’ve always been kind of distant, I should say I was calm and collected. I was an only child, and while my parents showed that they loved me, I was mostly left to my own devices and played alone a lot. I played with friends, too, but I had fun playing card games like Solitaire or Speed by myself. [laughter] I'm the type to try and do everything by myself, so I learned how to ride my bike without my parents’ or friends’ help.”

  • She worked as a child actor until elementary school. Then, in middle school, she became obsessed with anime.
  • “I wasn’t working on my entertainment career in middle school, and my friend turned me into an otaku. [laughter] It started with the manga, Bleach, which got me into Shonen Jump series, and then anime. The first anime I really liked was Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It had already aired, so I was renting DVDs and binge-watching it. After that, I watched Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Macross Frontier, and other Sci-Fi anime. Next, I fell for Mecha anime and started making my own Gunpla models. As for anisongs, that was all thanks to Macross Frontier. I’d always sing songs like Lion at karaoke, and I went to the Macross Frontier concert at the Budokan. I went to all sorts of other anime concerts and events. I was on Niconico all the time, too.”

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