Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya is a Certified Very Good Boy™

Winter 2021’s Horimiya has quickly become our new favorite romance anime, due in no small part to its male lead Izumi Miyamura. He seems like an unassuming nerd to his classmates, but in truth, his long hair and winter uniform hide a massive array of piercings and tattoos! This closet punk falls in love with another student who hides her private life: Kyouko Hori, a gorgeous popular girl who is at her happiest while acting as a stay-at-home-mom for her precious little brother.

As we’ve watched these two loveable dorks slowly grow closer throughout the series, we’ve decided that Miyamura has earned himself the title of Certified Grade-A Very Good Boy™. Let’s take a closer look at what makes him so perfect in our eyes!

A Punk with a Gentle Heart

Hori is so taken aback by Miyamura’s out-of-school punk appearance that she doesn’t even recognize him at first, but his personality stays the same no matter which way he presents himself. He’s a kind-hearted young man who’s great with kids, has a few close companions who understand him, and is laid-back enough that he would probably display his piercings and tattoos everywhere if they weren’t against the school’s dress code. It’s implied that he used to be very shy and pessimistic, piercing himself whenever he got bullied as a form of self-harm, but is gradually recovering from that mindset thanks to his friends. As of now, he’s perfectly confident with friendships and general interactions with people, but is incapable of realizing that anyone could possibly care for him on a deeper level.

His Interactions with Hori and Tooru are Adorable

We’re also pleasantly surprised that Miyamura skips that obnoxious phase that many romance anime protagonists go through where they’re too nervous to even talk to their love interest, much less flirt with them. He and Hori hit it off right away once they meet each other outside of class, and even though his lack of self-confidence holds him back from admitting that Hori obviously likes him as more than just a friend, he can be pretty smooth without even realizing it. The hand-holding scene from episode 3 was positively squee-worthy, and it’s all because he’s comfortable enough around his not-girlfriend to do something so adorable with a straight face. They’d better get together quickly, though, because they’re too perfect for one another to stay “just friends” forever!

Miyamura’s relationship with his best bro Tooru is also highly entertaining, mostly because of how he somehow manages to one-up the loud and athletic Tooru at every turn. Tooru’s confession to Hori gets rejected, he loses a fistfight to Miyamura, and his lack of piercings or tattoos makes him seem far less cool than his quieter friend. We hope something good happens to the poor guy soon – there are only so many losses a man can take!

Final Thoughts

Izumi Miyamura’s unique design, kind personality, bittersweet past, and inexplicable ability to woo Hori and the audience with his adorkable antics all make him a Very Good Boy™. We can’t wait to see how the rest of the series plays out!

What did you think of our overview? What are your thoughts on Horimiya this season? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Izumi-Miyamura-Horimiya-Wallpaper-1-700x392 Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya is a Certified Very Good Boy™


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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Izumi-Miyamura-Horimiya-Wallpaper-1-700x392 Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya is a Certified Very Good Boy™

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