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Deca-Dence is a sci-fi anime that took us all by surprise during the summer 2020 anime season. With a big twist on episode 2, we all found out that the Gears were all cyborgs! And then later on, in episode 10, we find out even more about the nature of Deca-Dence and the entire world Natsume, Kaburagi, Pipe, and their friends and enemies all live in.

The first adorable shock comes the first time we see Kaburagi's cyborg form, a chibi, pineapple-inspired little robot with spiky hair and goggle-looking eyes. Just adorable! How can such a badass be so cute!? Well, it only continues with the kimo-kawaii (gross-cute) Pipe and then more cyborgs and Gadoll so, which Deca-Dence characters are the cutest? These are our favorites!

The Cutest Characters in Deca-Dence


Along with Hugin, Munin is part of the Game Police and they are usually seen together. Munin is a ball with several faces in different colors with different expressions as it doesn't really speak in the anime until very later on when it seems to have a female voice. Munin has a simple design that, along with the cute faces, small size, round shape, and multiple colors, makes us wish we could have it in our life somehow! Keychain? Plushie? Stress ball? All fo them, please!


A long-time friend of Kaburagi, Minato is in charge of Deca-Dence. He is intelligent, stoic, responsible, and brave. Minato will take crap from nobody and his usual human avatar shows it with a serious look on his face at all times.

The same can't be said for his cyborg avatar, however! Minato is a cute little white and purple robot whose limbs float around him and are not physically connected. He still keeps a serious face but, let's be honest, we just want to put him on our desk and have him as our work buddy!


Jill is adorable and a badass all at the same time. To begin with, her name in Japanese, "Jiru" is a play on words as the onomatopaeia for staring (yeah, there is one!) is also pronounced "jiru" which already earns her points. Then, she has that awesome 90s color scheme going on with a perm to match! Add to that her big eye with a single spectacle, awesome headphones, and super sassy attitude and you've got yourself a cute little boss! Her human avatar is pretty cute as well with a petite frame, bobbed hair and cool-girl glasses!


Of course, the first one that shocked us with his cuteness was gruff old Kaburagi! When we first saw that chibi little spiky-haired cyborg with his big eyes and deep serious voice, we just fell in love! Much like with Minato, a big part of what makes Kaburagi cute in this form is the fact that his personality and attitude just don't match the way he looks! The character design was said by the creators to be inspired by pineapples and Kaburagi was even going to be yellow or have a yellow theme! We're glad they didn't go with the color scheme but that little pineapple can bug out our systems anytime!

Final Thoughts

We have to give a shoutout to the Gadoll that injects its DNA into a cyborg and then eats all the dead before turning into the deadly monster Kaburagi and company need to stop when all the Gadoll are destroyed, it was like a really cute squid/jellyfish thing! And then it turns into a hideous murderous being… And we suppose Pipe gets an honorable mention as well… though he's a bit of a harder sell. However, if you visit the offical deca-dence website, you can actually find plushies of both Pipe and Kaburagi along with a mug with ALL the cyborgs and other cool merch so check it out and start your Christmas wishlist!

The main point of Deca-Dence may not be how cute the characters are but it sure does add another layer and another reason to love the fun little sci-fi romp! Do you agree with our picks? Who's your favorite cyborg in Deca-Dence? Talk to us in the comments and stay tuned for more here on Honey's Anime!

Munin_Clear-304x500 Join the Kawaii Side: The Cutest Characters in Deca-Dence


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Munin_Clear-304x500 Join the Kawaii Side: The Cutest Characters in Deca-Dence

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