Juzo Inui from No Guns Life - The Cutest Gun-Headed Mercenary You'll Ever Meet

No Guns Life’s second season just finished airing, and we thought it’d be a fantastic opportunity to bring some attention to everyone’s favorite cyberpunk mercenary with a gun for a head – Juzo Inui. His vast array of cybernetic enhancements qualifies him as an “Extended”, and he uses them to clean up the messes that other Extendeds cause around town. He’s as hard-boiled as any noir detective, but he has a softer side that comes out when he’s flustered or taking care of his friends. Let’s take a closer look at him!

The Mercenary Side

Juzo (meaning “Thirteen”) is a decommissioned Gun Slave unit from the war, back when Extendeds were rare and dangerous. He’s lost most of his memories from that time, so he doesn’t even know his real name or why he has a gun for a head, but he still puts his super soldier body to use as a “Resolver” – a mercenary who hunts down and subdues rogue Extendeds who go berserk. He also tends to get mixed up in the dealings of terrorist organizations, mafia gangs, and shadowy government agencies who want to use his specialized technology for their own ends.

He smokes medicinal cigarettes to limit his overwhelming power, but when things get serious, he can open up his back to reveal slicing metal implements and an entire concealed gun handle. And, while he’s unable to operate the trigger on his head himself, a trusted ally can squeeze it to release a destructive beam so massive that it can be seen above the city skyline. Simply put, don’t get on Juzo’s bad side!

The Cute Side

Even though he puts on this front of stoic, dead serious masculinity, Juzo is actually quite a dork on the inside. He freaks out whenever his head gets wet because he’s desperately afraid of it getting rusty, gets overdramatically annoyed when his favorite brand of cigarettes is out of stock, and has absolutely no idea how to handle women who flirt with him. In these instances, his head goes into a chibi mode that looks a lot like Alphonse Elric and we actually get to see his mouth move!

He also lives by his motto of “wipe your own ass”, which he frequently tells his friend/unofficial child Tetsuro, but still treats him like a cherished member of his family when nobody is looking. He also has a soft spot for his mechanic Mary, who tags along with him on many of his adventures and treats him in a refreshingly normal way. For a guy without a face, Juzo is surprisingly expressive and sweet!

Final Thoughts

Juzo Inui is much more than just a guy with a gun for a head. He’s a brooding super soldier who gets flustered around girls, is very particular about his cigarettes, and loves his chosen family more than anything. We hope we get to see more of him soon!

What did you think of our overview? Have you been watching No Guns Life Season 2 this season? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much more reading!

No-Guns-Life-Wallpaper Juzo Inui from No Guns Life - The Cutest Gun-Headed Mercenary You'll Ever Meet


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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No-Guns-Life-Wallpaper Juzo Inui from No Guns Life - The Cutest Gun-Headed Mercenary You'll Ever Meet

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