Kakegurui Upcoming Broadcast Cancelled. Next Episode Moved Back Two Weeks.

What You Need to Know:

  • Say it ain't so! Kakegurui is cancelled!? Well... kinda. Their official twitter tweeted out that while episode 5 was broadcast as planned on the 29th, episode 6 is going to be pushed back two weeks.
  • Instead of us getting episode 6 on the 5th of August and then episode 7 on the 12th of August, #6 will air on the 19th and #7 on the 20th. So kinda like a double broadcast, but it appears that a week was already going to be missed as 7 is airing, by looking at a calendar, on the date that episode 8 should have been aired.
  • Apparently, The World Championships in Athletics will be aired in lieu of the show those two weeks. What do you think? Be sure to let us know below!

Source: Kakegurui Official Twitter

honeys anime character
This is terrible!!! Who CARES about sports anyway when it comes to Kakegurui! Gambling is a sport! It should be allowed to air!

honeys anime character
I cannot believe that we are going to have to wait two weeks now to see more Kakegurui. This sucks.

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