Kakegurui - Summer 2017 Anime

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Thriller, Drama, Psychological

Airing Date:
July 2 2017

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Honey’s Highlights

bombon-yes1 Kakegurui - Summer 2017 Anime
You know, I like to rag on school anime hard because usually when they are studying something special, it is like magic, swordplay, or something like that. But this? THIS looks amazing! Compulsive gambling where your skills determine your social status? Heck yes!
bombon-yes1 Kakegurui - Summer 2017 Anime
I like how it seems like the characters snap and go from normal students to super aggressive and condescending towards each other. It's like seeing a new dimension to character archetypes.
bombon-yes1 Kakegurui - Summer 2017 Anime
Honey-chan, no need to read that deeply into it. I mean look at how Yumeko acts around gambling? This is going to be slightly ecchi too! I expect plenty of fan service. This is like No Game No Life where you have risk, but it seems to be a bit more intense. Yumeko is probably going to have to get herself out of many tight spots.
bombon-yes1 Kakegurui - Summer 2017 Anime
Gamling anime fans like fans of Kaji, will like Kakegurui. Even though it is sports, the MC is a risktaker in One Outs. You also have Akgaki, but fans of Kaji MUST know about Akagi already.

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Gambling is my reason for existence.

The famous Hyakkaou Private Academy has a social class system. The top of the school, the School Council, is controlled by gambling. If you win you enter heaven - if you lose, hell. In this insane academy, those good at gambling are the envy of everyone, and those who aren’t suffer.

One day, a girl transfers into this academy. A girl called Yumeko Jabami...

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Three Episode Impression

Anime of the summer. You’re welcome. Bye. Just kidding. But in all honestly, Kakegurui has to be one of the best anime we have seen in a while. Combining thriller aspects, with gambling, a school, and so much drama and perception it will make your head hurt, Kakegurui is close to being a masterpiece. The art jumping from standard quality to very high and detailed quality is something that we have come to love. After Yumeko Jabami transfers in, she starts toppling student gamblers who are quite powerful, until she loses her own match and becomes indebted to the tune of over 500,000 USD. From there on out, this girl, demon, or just plain ghost, is going to wreak havoc on the school one way or another breaking down the power of the student council one by one. 10/10 we are here for this show. We will keep watching this show. And we will also tell everyone that we know, to watch Kakegurui.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Yumeko Jabami

Voice Actor: Saori Hayami

A girl who transfers into Hyakkaou Private Academy. She might look like an attractive young lady, but she’s actually a ‘Kakegurui’, someone who finds pleasure in taking risks.

Ryouta Suzui

Voice Actor: Tatsuya Tokutake

Yumeko’s classmate. Cowardly and poor, he quickly ends up being treated as Maeri’s livestock, and is called ‘Pochi’ (a common name for a dog). However, he is saved from this predicament by Yumeko.

Meari Saotome

Voice Actor: Minami Tanaka

The central figure in Yumeko’s class. She tricks her classmates into becoming her slaves, and challenges Yumeko to a match. She is very prideful, and quick to snap.

Itsuki Sumeragi

Voice Actor: Yuuki Wakai

An ambitious first year who challenges Yumeko as soon as she transfers. Her hobby is collecting other people’s nails.

Yuriko Nishinotouin

Voice Actor: Karin Nanami

A third-year student, member of the student council, and president of the Tradition Culture Research Society. She ends up challenging Yumeko to an original gambling match.

Midari Ikishima

Voice Actor: Mariya Ise

A third-year student and head of the Student Council Beautification Committee. She gets pleasure from taking risks such as starting games of Russian roulette by herself.

Yumemi Yumemite

Voice Actor: Yuu Serizawa

A second-year student in charge of PR for the student council. She also works as an idol, but there’s a huge gap between her facade and her true face.

Kaede Manyuda

Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

A second-year student and student council treasurer. He has a strong desire for power and is very ambitious, to the point where he is plotting to overthrow his seniors, even in the student council, as soon as he has a chance.

Other TitleKakegurui: Compulsive Gambler
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Deal with the devil by Tia
  • Ending Song: LAYon-theLINE by D-selections

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Homura Kawamoto, Tooru Naomura
  • Director: Yuuichirou Hayashi
  • Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Character Design: Manabu Akita
  • Original Illustrator: Tooru Naomura

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