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  • Episodes : 24
  • Genre : Action, Comedy, Ecchi, School
  • Airing Date : Aired: Oct. 4th, 2013 – Mar. 28th, 2014
  • Producers : Aniplex, Dentsu, Trigger

Kill la Kill Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

This series follows Ryuuko Matoi, who travels from place to place in search for her father's killer. This leads her to the Honnouji Academy, where an elite group of students have superpowers from their uniforms. The student body president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, holds the information that will lead Ryuuko to her to the person who murdered her father.

Although, was their encounter predetermined? As they continue to challenge each other, the truth begins to unfold, and the unthinkable begins to take place. Matoi's only clue is half of a scissor blade that comes into her possession, and knowing the other half is in the hands of her father's killer, she will do anything to seek her out.

Who does Kill la Kill cater to?

Kill la Kill takes place in Japan where school academies rule over the cities their in. The series is filled with bright, breathtaking visuals and action packed scenes that will either confuse the heck out of you, or leave you wanting more and more.

Kill la Kill is definitely an anime for those who want to experience something new, fast-paced, and overly exaggerated when it comes to emotions and character introductions.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

What is most appealing about Kill la Kill, is the theme, story and plot. The theme is something very original and unique, with the world revolving around fabric and the creative tools used in the fashion industry, as well as school clubs.

The build up to the story and the plot compliment each other very well, and never really gets boring. There is always something that will catch your eye in this anime.

Did I mention there's crazy fan-service, too?!

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Kill la Kill Main Characters List

Ryuuko Matoi

Voice Actor :Ami Koshimizu

Matoi is a second year transfer student to the Honnouji Academy, who is 17 years old, and is on a mission to find her father's killer. She got a glimpse of the killer as they were leaving the scene of the crime, knowing the person has the second half of the scissor blade.

Information has lead Matoi to the academy with hopes of finding the killer, who she thinks is in hiding. Matoi is very persistent, and determined to accomplish her goals. Sometimes, she can be extremely eager to complete her goals, she usually doesn't have a plan of strategy and always acts on impulse. But, she is loving, caring, and strong-willed.

Mako Mankanshoku

Voice Actor :Aya Suzaki

Mako is a second year student at the Honnouji Academy who becomes Matoi's best friend. Mako is very attached to her and provides moral support in any situation Matoi's in. Because of the ranking process in the academy and how it determines the living conditions for the student, Mako lives in the poor part of the city with her family.

She is very hyper and energetic, and always welcomes others with open arms, or rather jumps with affection into their arms. Literally.

Satsuki Kiryuuin

Voice Actor :Ryoka Yuzuki

Lady Satsuki is the Student Council President at the Honnouji Academy, an 18 year old girl, who rules the school with an iron fist and determines the students' abilities. She does this by assigning powerful uniforms known as, Ultima Uniforms or Goku Uniforms, and doesn't need to wear one herself because she says her sword is more than enough for protection.

Satsuki is a very strict and has a strong demeanor in a love, hate kind of way.


Voice Actor :Toshihiko Seki

Senketsu is a living sailor school uniform which Ryuuko finds in her demolished home following her father's death. Senketsu is known as a kamui (God Clothes), which is an outfit that provides godlike powers to those who wear it in exchange for their blood.

He has the ability to transform into a suit of armor, which protects the wearer in the most revealing way, if I say so myself. Then name given to him by Ryuuko, and literally means “fresh blood”.

Contains Spoilers

Kill la Kill Review

Kill la Kill is one of my favorite anime series, and it was no surprise when I found out the series was from the same creators as Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann. The art style and fast-paced scenes in the series really got my attention. Maybe it's because I have ADD?(Squirrel) Anyway, the series was very enjoyable and never had a moment of boredom. The characters in Kill la Kill were also well developed and had very unique personalities that separated themselves from everyone else. Most of all, the characters had a lot of pride, and carried out their duties as such.

The setup for the story was pretty good, it started off a little confusing, but explained itself very well as the series continued. There were many things I loved about this anime, and for the most part, it was the originality of the theme, story, and plot. The theme and setting for the series coincided in way that made the story very believable, living in a modern world where fashion dominates all. The series takes place in the Honnouji Academy where the Student Council members are above all with authority.

As a member of the school, you are ranked based off of your abilities as a member of a school club, this would also determine the type of living condition you and your family will have as far as social class and wealth. If you weren't a part of a club, you were living in the slums. If you were a part of the Student Council, you were living in wealth. The rest is self-explanatory, and you could imagine the separation of the classes, right?

The next thing I loved about Kill la Kill, was the livelihoods of the citizens on Earth (or at least at the school) were based around fashion and the tools used for it. You had the alien race made up of Life Fibers, which gave the uniforms worn by the students in the academy, the ability to have super powers that resemble a god. A lot the weapons in the series were based of the tools and the machines used for creating clothing.

In other areas in the series where the characters traveled, like Osaka, Hokkaido, Kyoto, etc., they all had a power made up of their own characteristic from the region. That's how accurate the theme was, because living in Japan, you know what certain regions are known for, and it was demonstrated very well in Kill la Kill.

The story for Kill la Kill was a bit rough and confusing in the beginning, because of this theme and setting presented, it wasn't clear if anything was going to make sense. But as the show goes on, you are given great explanations for why things were the way the were. It wasn't until the last six episodes of Kill la Kill that everything started to fall in place, and the realizations that surfaced were shocking and exhilarating, and OMG.

Without going into great detail and revealing the plot, let's just say it was a bit of a mind F@#%, and had me questioning the morals of certain characters in the series. The last thing I loved about Kill la Kill, was the transition from a normal individual wearing a Goku Uniform, to transforming into a godlike individual wearing a Goku Uniform. The illustration for this was intense and epic, giving notice to how an individual is stripped down of there clothes, to being clothed again in the most glorifying way possible.

For the most part, during these transformations, there was a TON of fan-service going on, especially when Matoi and Satsuki were going through their transformations. Wow! A lot of body parts were flailing around, that's for sure. But it was all wonderful and interesting in presenting such a transition. The conclusion to the story was pretty epic, if you ask me. When you see how everything was conceived, and the reasons for certain characters decisions which decided the outcome for others, you can't help but feel the emotion of the character and the pain they're going through.

The buildup throughout the series was complimented very well at the end, and provided the best closure I have seen in an anime. At least for the past decade. Anime to me, seems like its beginning to lose track of great compelling stories and character development in the past decade. Both of which are the key ingredients to making great anime, without it, you just have something that looks pretty, but you don't know what it means or what it's for. I am glad I came across Kill la Kill, as well as, Gurren Lagann. These two series, from the same creators, give me hope that anime ins't over yet, nor shall it ever be.

1. Life Fibers

Life Fibers are apparently sentient parasite-like organisms of an extraterrestrial origin from space. They are also the origin of all clothing on Earth, as well as being responsible for the evolution of humanity.

Life Fibers came from the Original Life Fiber, and possesses huge amounts of power that is used for the Goku Uniforms in attempt to take over the world by a sinister organization which involves Lady Satsuki and her mother.

2. Scissor Blades

The scissor blades are two pieces forming one weapon, and has the power to cut through any Life Fiber it comes across. Made from harden Life Fibers, they are separated during a battle with the Dr.

Matoi and Nui Harime, who later is discovered to be.....Ha, I'm not saying this spoiler, for the sake of those who haven't seen Kill la Kill.

3. Matoi vs Satsuki

The many fights between Lady Satsuki and Ryuuko Matoi were some exciting and beautiful spectacles in an anime. From the transformations into each others Goku uniforms, to the suspense leading up to the main event.

Both were very strong, but obviously, Lady Satsuki was dominating over Matoi, showing no mercy towards her whatsoever. It would seem like Matoi would win, but it all changes in the end with Satsuki Lady Satsuki prevailing. All in all, it was incredible to watch!

Overall, Kill la Kill is a must watch series for any veteran anime fan, and newcomers alike. It is a great series to enjoy, for it has a lot of originality and tons of action, fan-service, suspense, and drama. There is no shortage of excitement when experiencing this series.

The visuals are superb, the audio is great and has some awesome effects with the action scenes. The story is solid, and the character development is detailed and conveys the emotions of everyone in the series, perfectly.

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