Get Bit By Killing Bites With The Three Episode Impression Now Out!

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Killing Bites

Action, Horror, Ecchi

Airing Date:
January 13 2018


Honey’s Highlights

bee-surprised1 Get Bit By Killing Bites With The Three Episode Impression Now Out!
People fused with animals in order to fight? Is this the sexy version of Terra Formars!?
bee-surprised1 Get Bit By Killing Bites With The Three Episode Impression Now Out!
Hey! Some of us thought that Terra Formars was sexy aside from the monsters. Though it could be argued that these girls are monsters of their own accord.
bee-surprised1 Get Bit By Killing Bites With The Three Episode Impression Now Out!
I was going to say I was feeling this would be closer to Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou more than anything. I mean you know that the main character is going to be all over these girls. Just... you know, there is going to be fighting and gore.
bee-surprised1 Get Bit By Killing Bites With The Three Episode Impression Now Out!
More or less, the fan that watches this show will be into it right away and knows what they came for. But for those looking for a moving story, or something that really his you in the feels, there are a myriad of shows in Winter 2018 to be checked out.

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Yuuya Nomoto is a boring guy who encounters a mysterious girl named Hitomi. He then brings her to an abandoned site. Once he arrives, he encounters things that should not exist. Having both human intellect and animal powers, these creatures gather while those in the shadows bet gruesomely on them in a betting match. There, fangs and claws clash, teeth are bared wildly, and madness & desire swirl together. The name of this match is "Killing Bites!"

Three Episode Impression

Killing Bites is an anime I have mixed emotions. I think every once in a while, I debate on dropping it, but continue forward greatly intrigued. Hitomi is a rather interesting character as she merely wants to kill the other Brutes and has no qualms about killing strangers as seen in the first episode, although to be fair, she was kidnapped in an attempt at rape. Yeah, dark start. A lot of the other Brutes are rather ruthless and we find Yuuya’s life is in danger quite often. Throw in the latest character, Ui, a bunny girl hybrid who seems to only be in the series as some sort of moe character and you’ve got yourself a weird hodge podge of characters. I don’t think Killing Bites is going to win any awards, but the dark plot and massive amounts of blood make for some entertaining anime.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Hitomi Usagi

Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya

Hitomi is a “Brute,” a newbie beast warrior, who has the power of a honey badger. She has amazing defense skills and an aggressiveness that knows no fear. When she fights beast warriors who are of higher rank, she shows off skills that are equal or better than them. Her special move is “Slash,” a counter attack where she rips apart her enemies with her sharp claws. She’s normally a high school student

Yuuya Nomoto

Voice Actor: Wataru Hatano

Yuuya is a normal second-year university student who meets Hitomi after a certain incident and finds himself swept up into participating in Killing Bites. He’s timid, has no individuality or special skills, but when he fights together with Hitomi he shows unexpectedly good results. At university, he studies economics and is a member of the Manga Research Club.

Eruza Nakanishi

Voice Actor: Maaya Uchida

A beast warrior with the power of a cheetah. Using her “Cheetah Run” skill, she can run at super speeds on both horizontal and vertical surfaces to capture her prey in an instant. This makes her the fastest hunter on land. Although she and Hitomi are enemies, they often help each other out, so they have a strange relationship. Eruza’s older brother is the super-strong beast warrior Tiger. She really respects him, to the point where she has a bit of a complex.

Ui Inaba

Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

A beast warrior with the power of a rabbit. She has no strength, teeth, or claws, so has no battle power whatsoever. On the other hand, she can search for enemies with her large ears and has the fleeing skill “Dash.” She can also dig escape holes and is a skilled spy. She works as a point of contact for the Ishida Team. Perhaps because she has the properties of a small animal, she’s a timid crybaby. When she’s inside a hole she has dug, she gets excited and tends to forget all about her mission.

Mai Shinozaki

Voice Actor: Chinatsu Akasaki

Mai belongs to the management bureau of Killing Bites. She is a subordinate of Reichi Shidou.

Ichinousuke Okajima

Voice Actor: Tooru Ookawa

Ichinousuke is a beast warrior known as “brute” who belongs to the Ishida Conglomerate.

Taiga Nakanishi

Voice Actor: Yuuichi Nakamura

Taiga is the older brother of Elza and is the “tiger” beast warrior who belongs to the Yatsubishi Conglomerate.

Oshie Nodoguro

Voice Actor: Sayaka Harada

Ohie is a high school student who has feelings for her classmate, Hitomi. She searches out delicious sweets shops and brings Hitomi to them because she loves to see the smiles on Hitomi’s face when she eats sweets. Because she does this, a bird within the Raatel union believes her to be Nodoguro Mitsuoshite, but Oshie herself is not actually a beast warrior.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: killing bites by fripSide
  • Ending Song: Kedamono Damono by Kitsunetsuki

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Shinya Murata, Kazuasa Sumida
  • Director: Yasuhito Nishikata
  • Series Composition: Aoi Shushiro
  • Character Design: Kazuo Watanabe
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Yasuharu Takanashi

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