Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

Hello Everyone and welcome to another wonderful day here at Honey’s Anime. We were recently invited to check out Gust’s and Koei Tecmo’s newest title to the gaming scene, Fairy Tail! We also sat down to talk to the Producer of Fairy Tail, Keisuke Kikuchi, to ask some burning questions we had after playing Fairy Tail but that will be revealed in another article. For those who don’t know about Fairy Tail, listen up. Fairy Tail is a Fantasy adventure manga/comic from Weekly Shounen Magazine and published by Kodansha. Fairy Tail is a very popular series that follows Natsu, a Dragon Slayer from the rowdy guild group under the same name as the series—Fairy Tail, as he takes on powerful foes who threaten the world of magic and those living in it.

In Fairy Tail the game, players will be able to experience the world of Fairy Tail in ways you couldn’t imagine...or maybe you have!? Fairy Tail the game is a wonderful take on the franchise and is covering 3 arcs from the series: Tenrou Island arc, the Grand Magic Games arc, and the Tartaros arc. The game will have a considerably large list of characters that will be introduced in the game who are playable and based on the party members and their relationship with each other, you can activate certain power-actions that can only be triggered with each pairing. This is not the same for all characters but if you have seen the anime, then you know who can be paired to increase your chances of catching that sweet animation as they act out the same movements from the anime.

Fairy Tail Gameplay

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

The starting characters for the game are Lucy, Natsu, and Erza, which you can switch between characters to move about on the map while you make your way to the next waypoint. There is also Wendy, Gray, and now 2 new characters that have been announced to join the roster—with many more to come—and they are Gajeel and Juvi.

The graphics for the game are also top-notch and wonderfully animated. There is a nice clean design with the characters that look similar to the anime but obviously, the CG is more prevalent but nonetheless, great! When you begin training, you will realize Fairy Tail is a Turn-based RPG and actually fits really well with the game. To be precise, the combat is Turn-based, but while not in combat, you are able to free-roam with the character you chose back in town—because you can’t switch characters outside of town so if you are picky about who you want to play as when traversing the map, don’t forget this! ^_^

Reputation, Quests, and Combat

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

When you are able to go on your first mission which is the tutorial, you will notice that you’re inside the Fairy Tail guild house. At the moment, you're at the point of the series when they have been cast out by the Magic Council for causing too much trouble—more than they’ve contributed, unfortunately. So your guild house is...small and you have to build your guild’s reputation again in order the expand your guild house. In turn, this will also allow you to gain more opportunities with quests and bigger awards as well. The bigger the quest, the more you can get from it and gain reputation.

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

When you are out venturing around the game’s maps, there will be items you can pick up that can/will help you in battle or for when you go back to your guilds house and are able to craft other items to help you in future battles/advancements throughout the game. There will be a crafting section in your guild that you will have to unlock first, in order to enjoy part of the game’s experience.

As mentioned earlier, Fairy Tail is a turn-based RPG and has 4 combat functions to choose from which are Attack, Magic, Defense, and Item. Attack is a simple default attack like it would be in other RPG style games, while Magic is where it is at. When choosing a Magic action, there will be a display screen to indicate the area of attack it will focus on, the attack power stats and other facts to help out along the way. Defense is...well...defense and Item is obviously when you have an item you can use during battles like Revive or Health Boost. There are many ways to go about battling and experience the game's mechanics in Fairy Tail, which is up to par with many other well-known RPGs out there.

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

We did like the Link Chain combat in Fairy Tail as it really provided that extra boost of experience with the character special attacks—mainly in Magic attacks, and are shown in a very well done approach that feels just like the anime. Seeing the animated action scenes really look good and made us feel happy that Fairy Tail is now in video game format. Other points about the link chain are that you have the ability to end the link chain (Finisher) in one attack, two attacks, or three attack combos. This will allow your whole party to take part in a 2-3 way attack combo allowing you to defeat your enemies more efficiently and faster. How to acquire a link chain is imply landing hits and building up your meter/gauge to perform a link chain.

The camera is not automatic so you will have to direct the camera movement yourself but it is only when traversing the map. A nice segue about the map is that for the first time, we get to see what the layout/floor plan of the town Magnolia and what it looks like, as well as, knowing the exact floor plan of Lucy’s house as you are able to enter and explore that as well. We also saw the original Fairy Tail guild house from the anime, or rather before they were kicked out of the magic society and unofficial… Getting back on track, we can only imagine what the rest of the world of Fairy Tail looks like and that was a question to ask the producer Keisuke Kikuchi which we’ll have a separate interview article for you later.

Once you get to the end of the tutorial, your first boss is none other than Jullal and Ultear, who also are there to help advance your fighting skills. Ultear gives you a magic energy boost that drains you for a bit but later, you feel and become much stronger than before which then Jullal tests your newfound powers in a battle with him and without holding back. THIS is where you can expect more excitement from combat sequences. Once you are powered up with your new skills, it unlocks new attacks that many anime fans are familiar with while others in the gaming community are now able to experience this as well and on a whole new level!

Final Thoughts

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

The demo we got to experience was only about 15 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the time you took roaming around and exploring. The map of Fairy Tail is to cover the arcs aforementioned earlier and from the looks of it, it is a pretty decent size. The gameplay was smooth and very engaging from our experience. We haven’t played too many turn-based RPGs but Fairy Tail is a great game so far and what we played in the preview was just a small build of the game that wasn't finished completely but yet, it left us very happy!

Fairy Tail is scheduled to be released sometime in the Spring of 2020 and with Gajeel and Juvia already announced before launch, we can’t wait to see who else will join the guild and/or be playable. The Grand Magic Game arc is going to be great to revisit and then, the Tartaros arc!!! There is still plenty of time before launch so let’s see what else is announced before then.

Are you a fan of Fairy Tail? Are you excited about this game as much as we are? Then sound off in the comments below. Even if you have questions and or want to express yourself. Let’s hear from you!

Ja ne!

Fairy-Tail-game-logo-560x191 Koei Tecmo’s Fairy Tail Hands-On Impression

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