6 Manga Like Fairy Tail [Recommendations]


Mangaka Mashima Hiro had a huge success in one of his works titled Rave. However, his following work, Fairy Tail, would not only become just as successful as Rave but in many ways surpass it. Becoming an anime and still being published as a manga, Fairy Tail stands to be a perfect example of how to make a great story using quirky but very unique characters all thrown into a very vast and colorful world setting. We at Honey’s Anime then ask, are there similar manga like Fairy Tail, the answer was a resounding yes. Thus we banded together using our improvised powers, which are more akin to drinking vast amounts of caffeine and reading tons of manga to bring you this recommendation list. Welcome to 6 manga like Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail doesn’t need to be examined to understand why the mass love it as a series. Characters like Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfillia stand on some manga fans top favorite characters because they have personality and a unique style. The world of Fairy Tail oozes with rich lore and fun action creating a shounen manga that feels alive every page you turn to. With that being said we at Honey’s Anime took to finding similar stories. Some of our manga recommendations have truly magical characters dealing with finding a means to work, while other deal with monster fighting and even monster summoning. If you are seeking manga that are like Fairy Tail, we’re sure you’re really going to want to read this list. Now then, let us be off into this list shall we?

Similar Manga to Fairy Tail

1. Monster Hunter Orage

  • Mangaka: Mashima, Hiro
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published Date: Apr, 2008- May, 2009

Based on the hit video game series called Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Orage by the mangaka of Fairy Tail seems like a good place to start our list. In Shiki’s world people who hunt the monsters of the world are called Monster Hunters and he has always aspired to be one. Taken in as a young boy by a hunter named Gurelli, Shiki has learned the means to become a hunter like Gurelli. However, Shiki and Gurelli’s path together is short lived when Gurelli is killed in a gunpowder incident. Years pass and Shiki now older wishes to do something his master could never accomplish: to hunt down the legendary monster called Miogaruna. Going to the guild, he will team up with the likes of other hunters and even meet Gurelli’s daughter named Irie. Together this new party will face the threats of the world together.

In many ways Monster Hunter has always been a gaming franchise that needed a proper adaptation in the form of manga and luckily Mashima Hiro did just that with Monster Hunter Orage. Shiki’s adventure is quite large and filled with many moments of fighting creatures twice his size alongside his party, Mashima Hiro does an incredible job of making these battles just as epic as they are when you have a controller in your hand and are playing Monster Hunter. Don’t fret if you think the story just sounds overly serious, Mashima Hiro has never shied away from using comedy in his works and he doesn’t fail to deliver some great comedic timing in Monster Hunter Orage. If you want some epic filled monster fights all with some fun comedy during down time, Monster Hunter Orage has you covered.

2. Buster Keel!

  • Mangaka: Sakamoto, Kenshirou
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published Date: 2008-2012

Keel is a young man who has one thing he wants more than anything else. Keel wishes to meet the so called legendary monster summoner who can summon the beings named Shiva. One day Keel meets a young girl named Ravi and her summon Mippy. Ravi claims to know where Keel can find his legend and with that Keel is quick to join her in an adventure that will be truly interesting. The tale of Buster Keel starts now, are you in or out?

Buster Keel, by the mangaka Sakamoto Kenshirou, screams monsters and cool powers. If this sounds like Fairy Tail you’d be right. In Buster Keel, the great mix of all the genres it has allows for a truly fun and hooking story from beginning to end. Buster Keel also shares those great comedic moments found in Fairy Tail that will have you crying from laughter at some of the banter and events that take place in this twelve volume series. By the end of Keel’s journey you’ll feel satisfied and that, to us, means you read a good manga. Trust us here at Honey’s Anime, you’ll enjoy Buster Keel from the moment you start the journey alongside Keel and Ravi…oh and we won’t forget Mippy.

3. 666 Satan (O-Parts Hunter)

  • Mangaka: Kishimoto, Seishi
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 15
  • Published Date: 2001-2007

In the world of 666, Satan people are considered O.P.T.s or O Part Tacticians. With that title they are able to use ancient relics to release the power within said relics to use for whatever means they fit. Our story focuses on a young boy named Jio who is able to use O Parts but also contains an ancient power inside his very being. Deciding to venture into the world for money and to gain world domination his travels cause him to run into Ruby who also is an O Parts hunter. Ruby realizes quickly what Jio wishes to do with his power but does question if he can handle said power. What will Jio do with enough power to maybe make his dream a reality?

We feel what makes Fairy Tail so great is a good mixture of odd but strong characters, cool battles and a great adventure. 666 Satan by the mangaka Kishimoto Seishi does just that in his manga. Jio and Ruby really steal the show by being incredibly weird but cool characters and their powers are pleasant treat anytime they enter a tussle. 666 Satan boats an incredible adventure as well as the reader learns about the world alongside the characters. Overall if you love the adventure characters like Natsu and Lucy go on in Fairy Tail, you’ll only be reminded of them as you see Jio and Ruby in 666 Satan.

Any Manga Like Fairy Tail ?

4. Esprit

  • Mangaka: Tsutsui, Taishi
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, School, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published Date: Sep, 2008- Feb, 2011

Mio was raised with a can do attitude, if you believe in it hard enough, you can make it happen. Born on a boring island Mio is tired of her life as it just seems to repeat over and over again. Then one day Sara appears in her life, Sara comes from an organization that manage and explores islands like Mio’s. The life of going to different islands and places seems like Mio’s way out of her boring rut and it may even lead to things like her finally setting foot in school. Can Mio handle the outside world, actually can the world handle a girl like Mio?

Esprit captures that feeling of wanting to go on a journey to see the sights the world has to offer, especially if you’re used to seeing the same sights day in and day out. Esprit by the mangaka Tsutsui Taishi is just what the doctor remedies for those who need zany characters and an enjoyable adventure story. Esprit will resonate with fans who loved Fairy Tail thanks to amazing art and a cute story of a girl getting her shot at seeing the world. Eight volumes won’t seem like enough as you’ll wish Esprit would continue on after the final page ends Mio’s tale, but regardless like any adventure it must come to an end at one point or another.

5. Magico

  • Mangaka: Iwamoto, Naoki
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shounen
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published Date: Feb, 2011- Aug, 2012

Emma has had a rough life. She has spent her whole sixteen years of life being held captive and finally tastes freedom when an opportunity to escape arises. Heading for the city called Hawkeye, Emma is quickly spotted by the King of the land and he falls madly in love with her. Now facing a new type of imprisonment, that of a marriage she doesn’t want, she is saved by Eliphas Levi Shion, a powerful sorcerer. Despite Shion claiming he and Emma met once prior, she recalls nothing of the sort. However, her troubles don’t end here. Shion explains to Emma that inside of her is a powerful curse that can destroy the world. Emma not desiring such a power begs Shinon to help her but apparently the path to removing the curse will require a hard journey…and for Shion and Emma to marry one another.

Magico is a weird story and in many ways feels fitting on the list of manga like Fairy Tail, cause let’s face it Fairy Tail is a weird manga. However, that weirdness is a blessing in a story such as this. Emma and Shion are so packed with unique dialogue and fun banter that you’ll never feel bored on their long adventure in saving Emma. Comedy takes the highlight in Magico as you will find the whole story to be so filled with humor from volume one all the way to the eighth and final volume. Magico is a thrill of a story to read and honestly we could see it being an interesting manga to any fan who needs that Fairy Tail oddness in their life after the series wraps up one day. Heck don’t even wait for Fairy Tail to end, just go read Magico now.

6. Rain

  • Mangaka: Yoshino, Takumi- Sumikawa, Megumi
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
  • Volumes: 13
  • Published Date: Nov, 2008- Present

Murgenia is where people go to learn the art of both magic and swordsmanship. In the country Sunkwoll, the people have little to no respite. The greater country called Zarmine constantly launches assaults against Sunkwoll. However, the strongest general by the name of Rain refuses to enter the war despite his skill in both sword and magic. Yet, will there be a reason Rain wishes to enter the fray finally? An epic tale is about to unfold and it will all start from a young princess’s wish.

Rain is incredible and thus why it ends this list. From the mangaka Yoshino Takumi and Sumikawa Megumi, Rain boasts some incredible characters and a fun adventure that follows Fairy Tail’s formula closely. That isn’t to say Rain doesn’t have its own identity, each character boasts an interesting concept and Rain as the main lead really steals the show thanks to some clever writing and plot developments. While this manga is still currently running, you’ll want to take your time with reading as you’ll find yourself overly sad if you catch up too fast and will be forced to wait for more chapters. Rain might not share the popularity of Fairy Tail but that doesn’t mean an unknown titles doesn’t have the stuff to make a series that could one day become incredibly popular.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Shounen manga can only be seen as challenging when so many of the genre exist in the world of manga. That being said like Mashima Hiro’s Fairy Tail, all of these manga had to prove to the manga readers of the world their works were up to the task. In the end we at Honey’s Anime believe wholeheartedly that they succeeded in that sense. However, as we said there are a lot of manga out there and we easily could have missed a worthy title. Let us know in the comments down below to shout out some recommendations of your own or to tell us some of your favorites. As always remember to return to Honey’s Anime for all your manga and anime recommendation lists just like this one.

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